Some physiological characteristics of women puberty

Physical features: after birth to 8 ~ 9 years old

Although the genital gender have different, because the male and female gonadal function are at the suppressed state, so the hormone concentrations in vivo were very low. Although the height and body weight increasing is very rapid, but in fact there is no gender differences.

Some physiological characteristics of women puberty

The average after the age of 11 (range 9 ~ 12 years old)

The girl second sex syndrome gradually development, mainly began to uplift in bilateral breast, nipple increase gradually, the pigment gradually deepened; vulva and axillary began to appear pubic and armpit hair. The girls secondary sex characteristics need about 4 years (range 1.5 to 6 years) from began to appear to the completion of the development. At the same time, bilateral size labium skin pigmentation deepened gradually, and increased gradually; begin to appear some white secretion. Internal genital organs also develop at the same time, such as the vagina growth broadens, mucosal thickening and rich folds, oviduct is added thick, the uterus increases etc.. The average age is at around 13 years old (10 ~ 16 years old) for the first time menstruation cramps, called menarche. Then after every 2 ~ 5 years successively ovulation, then have a fertility.

Some physiological characteristics of women puberty

Puberty girls have two important characteristics:

First, from about 9 and a half years old, girls height growth suddenly accelerated, the peak year can reach 6 ~ 8 cm, and then gradually slows down, until the epiphyseal closure, to about 18 years old, height can increase about 25 cm.

Second, body fat deposition increased, hip subcutaneous especially obvious, and the pelvis and hip also widened, the formation of female soft body curve. This series of changes of physical form, sign a girl grew to become a woman.

Differences between the start time of puberty is due to genetic factors, health, nutrition, local climate, altitude, social economic condition, health habits and different.

Generally speaking, girls youth development time are earlier than 1 ~ 2 years boys. In recent years many countries girls menarche age is early trend, the development of economy and the life level is improving year by year. Severe weight loss or obesity, malnutrition or excessive exercises girls often delayed menarche. On the contrary, moderately obese girls menarche age often early.

Some physiological characteristics of women puberty

In the psychological aspect, the girl after 10 years old the psychological characteristics:

On the sprout of hazy consciousness, they began to take an interest in gender differences and gender relations. This so-called "puppy love" is to describe this period.

After 15 to 16 years, with the development of secondary sex characteristics of physiological, psychological also further mature.

They began to think that she is an adult, and demanded independence, ask others (including parents) respect, equal treatment, requiring a separate friends, independent thinking and have their own activities in small world. At the same time, also hope to carry out the thoughts and feelings communication with friends of the opposite sex, or even gradually with love and sexual demands.

During this period the girl physical and brain development is rapid, which is their intelligence rapidly growing period, and also is the most important starting point for career development and life journey precious time. Therefore to establish lofty ideals and aspirations of their education, it is necessary to guide them to focus on fulfilling their ability.

Some physiological characteristics of women puberty

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