Some main root cause of the male penis size difference

Some main root cause of the male penis size differenceI believe that most of men have many requirement on their penis, including girth, length, erection duration, color or even shape. Among all these different factors, the size is the most concerned feature. Every men want to have a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection penis. Furthermore, most of them are not satisfy with their current situation, so they would like to try their best to have some enhancement. There are already some impressive products out there, check with my detail review article may help you have some new knowledge (Look at the sidebar right, all the top rated products are there).

There are billions of men on earth, and there are billions different penis. No one can be the exactly the same. Pop Healthy Living network will list the most reason why things happen like this.

The penis before puberty is shorter than 2.5 cm; shorter than 5 cm after puberty; no erectile function; sexual dysfunction, no fertility, no sperm, all these can be considered as abnormal penile development.

Reason one: genetic factors

Short penis disease in men is most belong to congenital reason. A few are not congenital that due to testicular dysgenesis, which is called Klinefelter’s Syndrome. These patients are most tall and short penis, small testis, although the penis can erect, and have sex, ejaculation and spermatorrhea normal sexual function, but the testis cannot produce sperm.

Reason two: high gonadotropin hypogonadism

At this time the hypothalamus and pituitary are normal, which can send a strong command, but the testicles are sick, who unable carry out the orders of production of hormones and sperm.

Reason three: low gonadotropin hypogonadism

This is because the hypothalamus and pituitary lesions, so they cannot be issued under the secretion of testosterone directive. You can check for more detail information.

Part four: partial androgen resistance syndrome

The penis is not sensitive to androgen, and the testosterone levels is normal, but the secondary sexual characteristics is abnormal, and may even have hypospadias.

Furthermore, from the male finger length, it can judge the penis length, do you believe this?

The size of the men penis has close relationship between sexual life after marriage, so it is a very popular concern to female friends, who are caring their marriage pleasure. It was said that the man’s penis size are related to the right hand ring finger length, do you believe it?

It is said that there is a certain relationship, because the male hormone produced in the fetal period, which will both affect the finger and penis development, and why is the right hand, because your fingers of right hand is more sensitive to the androgen. For women, the length of the ring finger and index finger, will not affect the growth and development of sexual organs, it will not affect the sex.

So you can check your right hand ring finger length level.

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