Some magical function of woman vagina that you may never know before

Have had sexual experience of men must have thought that he under deep to the lover’s privates area, because the young woman’s genitals is the husband of the holy land of bliss. In fact, the young woman’s genitals had a lot of fun, and also can amazing functions that you may never know before, even for women themselves. The following article unveiled the mystery of this topic, and let everybody have a more in-depth understanding.

1, Contraction of the vagina is amazing

The vagina has a strong contraction ability. When vaginal get stimulation, it will become more evident. The average length of female vagina is about 10 cm, and it sound seems short, however, when the female is sexually arousing, vaginal length can be increased obviously, but the width will rapidly shrinking. So when sexual life, the man in the vagina can feel tight and enjoy the bliss.

Some magical function of woman vagina that you may never know before

2, Vaginal can be self-cleaning

The vagina can be self-cleaning, this is also a lot of people do not know, or even know, but still have some doubts. So many women, especially women who have sexual activity, always thought that after sex with lotion clean the vagina will be more healthy. But in fact, the vagina distribution with glands, which can secrete a liquid to play the role of lubrication and cleaning. If excessive washing vagina, self-cleaning effect but will damage.

Some women have vaginitis is often because of excessive clean vagina, such as the use of cleaning lotion or by internal water injection cleaning of vagina. This would wash the vagina good lubricating fluid and microbial community, and anaerobic bacteria will enter the vagina, cause abnormal secretion, odor and itching and other symptoms. Therefore, it is only need to clean the labia parts with a little soft soap.

Some magical function of woman vagina that you may never know before

3, Moderate sex life can be more healthy vagina

For the human organs, if you use it will be better, but if you not use for long time, it will be bad, and the vagina is also in line with the law. If not used for too long, the vaginal wall will become fragile. Of course, sexual pleasure will be a decrease over time, if for a long time, when the arrival of menopause, vaginal vulnerable to damage or occlusion. So keep that in mind, the vagina in addition to the production baby, but also have the other important mission, to promote their health through exercise and maintain sexual life.

4, Into the vaginal items will not missing

When certain items "into" the vagina, do not have to worry too much, because these items do not missing. Palace neck of the female usually remain closed, and the vagina is not connected with other parts of the body, so do not worry about the "into" one of the items will slip through away. When this occurs, the doctor with the help of endoscope and surgical forceps can easily remove it out.

Some magical function of woman vagina that you may never know before

Even so, try to avoid speaking of things "into" the vagina, in sexual life, try not to items inserted into the vagina. If you want, please to use formal fun supplies products.

5, Vaginal relaxation after delivery can be restored

When the woman childbirth through the vaginal, when the fetus through the birth canal, the vagina will change obviously. And the most direct change is becoming loose, however, the vagina is very flexible organ, through some muscles exercise to recover.

The method is very simple, only need to tighten control of urethral muscle, each stick to a few seconds, do more than 10 times a day. Vaginal secretions vary from person to person. The amount of vaginal discharge and odor vary from person to person, but be wary of some abnormal phenomena. If there is itching, fever or odour circumstances, is to consult a doctor.

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