Some first time important thing to determine the woman health

1, The first pregnancy

It is believed that the first child will be the cleverest. Nowadays, there are many people go to a hospital doing abortion operation, and most of them are first time pregnant young girls, and most of them think that abortion does not have bad effect, as they are still young and still can be pregnant again in the future. However, it is a kind of artificial abortion operation, which will damage to human body.

After the abortion operation, the women’s physique is weak and low resistance. Furthermore, coupled with the cervix is not closed, prone to ascending infection, which can cause endometritis and salpingitis, and it can affect the next pregnancy and even lead to infertility.

 Some first time important thing to determine the woman health

Recommendation: woman must be care of their body, so if you do not want children, please eat prophylactic or remind your partner use a condom.

2, The first delivery

Most modern women will only have one child, so it belongs to the primipara, who has no experience. When close to delivery time, the whole family will be flurried, so it is important to prepare the material and spiritual in advance to avoid accidents.

 Some first time important thing to determine the woman health

3, the first period time during the lactation

After have a baby, recovery menstrual cycle and ovulatory time will be effect by milking baby. Do not breast-feeding mother usually postpartum 6 ~ 10 weeks will usher in the menstrual cycle. A breastfeeding mother menstrual recovery time will be delayed, and some have not come menstruation during the whole lactation.

There is a phenomenon worthy of your attention, postpartum first menstrual like vaginal bleeding will be seen as the menstruation by many mothers. In fact, 60% is no ovulation, and strictly speaking it is anovulatory menstruation, so it cannot be seen as the true menstruation. The bleeding volume and duration is longer than normal menstruation, and menstrual cycle is not regular.

Under normal condition, 11 days to 4 months postpartum breast milk is the best quality. After the menstruation the mild will be more concentrated than usual, with reduced fat, but increased protein, and this milk has no harm to the baby. In order to avoid milk concentration and composition change, the mother can drink more boiling water in the menstrual period, eat more fish, cow milk and vegetable soup.

Some first time important thing to determine the woman health

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