Some exercise methods to overcome premature ejaculation

Some exercise methods to overcome premature ejaculation The cause of the premature ejaculation is that the penis, especially the glans part, is not accustomed to strong stimulation and too sensitive. The treatment method is as long as the glans is used to stimulate, and the feeling becomes not that sensitive. The easiest way is to use a towel to massage the glans when bathing. Massage is too weak and has no effect, so it should be given a moderate intensity when massaging. After 3 months of this, the skin of the glans penis will be exercised, and the penis will become strong and persistent.

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Exercise control of ejaculation. Masturbation first, when almost reach the ejaculation, stop the stimulation, and then hard to hold back, until the climax fade, and stimulation again, which can be practice by your own at home. Repeat the action about 3 times this way. This method is called "squeeze technic press training". At the very beginning, you may lose a lot, but when you catch the key point, you can always suppress the urge to ejaculate.

In addition, the people who are suffering phimosis problem, whose penis glans cannot get any friction from the underwear or other stimulation, the premature ejaculation is inevitable. Therefore the first step is to deal with the problem of phimosis. If it is false phimosis, then usually should pay attention to let the glans exposed.

Also, there is another very common way that is distracting your attention when be about to ejaculate, and the using memorized mathematical formulas, historical reign method is very effective examples.

Putting condoms is also a very effective way to enhance penis ability. Furthermore, you can even wear two condoms to reduce the friction of the penis. The first condom must be thoroughly put to the end, and the second is to wear to the middle. So, it can maintain for a longer time.

Due to the problem of premature ejaculation is mostly from mental, nervous, and not used for the stimulation of glans causes. You should be relax and don’t give up, as long as with some right training, every men are have the possibility to be stronger. With the increase in experience, these problems can be gradually overcome. However, to overcome the premature ejaculation also need to partner assistance, as long as your partner do necessary support, it can be slowly overcome with 2 to 3 months. Furthermore, the women should not blame men, it may cause a vicious spiral due to one vicious words.

Finally, it is necessary to introduce the skills you can use when you’re having sex. After insertion, the sex will be terminated early if the pumping continue to move only in pursuit of the penis’s pleasure. In order to prolong the time of sexual love, when the pleasure almost reaches the peak, the waist movement should be stopped. If you think this is the only way to satisfy her, you might as well hug her tightly after you insert her, and, if you can, caress her clitoris, waist, and breasts, which are all the sex sensitive areas. A change will boost her pleasure compared to the constant pumping movement.

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