Some erectile dysfunction which is fake impotence

Some erectile dysfunction which is fake impotence Normal male sexual function is one of the key factors of harmony marriage relationship and even family harmony. However, with the living environment changing, the incidence of erectile dysfunction is more and more high, and there is a trend of young. In the andrology clinic, many patients were depressed due to impotence, even feel ashamed. But in fact, there are many "false" impotence patients.

1. There have been several failures of sexual life.

A tough guy is synonymous with men, if there have been several failures of sexual activities, they will worry in their heart that "am I impotence?". In fact, this is situation is largely fake impotence, which is popular in the men who is lack of sex knowledge, such as the new groom.

Clinical data showed that the incidence of erectile dysfunction is more than 50% in the new marriage couples, including more than 95% mental factors. The male due to lack of sex knowledge, excessive tension during sexual intercourse, and poor communication with the partner, then sexual erectile dysfunction is ineluctable. On the other hand, after the busy marriage, the body is too fatigue, resulting in lack of focus, not enough excitement, then happen impotent. The general recommendation to adjust the mood of both husband and wife to strengthen communication, if after rest, psychological adjustment is not a normal sex life, suggest timely medical treatment so as not to delay treatment.

2. Erection hardness is not ideal.

Erectile dysfunction is often divided into three different groups that is erection but not firm, firm but not very, very firm but very short duration. If only appear bad erect hardness, it cannot be just concluded as impotence. If every time when sexual intercourse is erection but not firm state that suffering a greater risk of impotence.

Many factors affect male erectile hardness, and the most common cause in clinical is called fatigue sex. Such as overtime, staying up late, men can’t relax, there will be poor erection hardness phenomenon.

3. Not erect for specific parnter.

This is the situation impotence, which cannot be called erectile dysfunction in theory. The reason may including the tension between husband and wife, or not very love the sex partner.

4. Not to allow your partner to climax.

Good sexual life is a great enhancement to promote emotion of husband and wife. Many female believe that the sexual orgasm is very important, and even judge their partner incompetent as the man cannot provide climax, this kind of understanding is not scientific. Orgasm is the ideal state of harmony for both sides, but in real life, men and women experience different climax.

5. Suspected premature ejaculation as impotence.

Premature ejaculation and impotence are the biggest trouble in male sexual life. Most books define the premature ejaculation as the penis ejaculate before into the vagina, or sexual intercourse is not more than one minute, and most people will misunderstanding the premature ejaculation as impotence. This is a wrong point of view, which mix the impotence and premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is just ejaculate in a very short time is fast, is accompanied by a flaccid penis refractory period. The impotence is cannot be erection or sustained erection week hardness, even cannot finish ejaculation action.

Although we will encounter various clinical factors leading to erectile dysfunction, but diagnosed as impotence, which need professional doctors to determine. It is worth mentioning that if there is a history of diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, when suffering with male erectile dysfunction, recommended medical treatment as soon as possible, to prevent the illness.

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