Some ED problem is caused by psychological factors

09462Mr. Ma has been unable to bear after married three years. He was indescribably envy when he saw others walking with their children in the evening. Furthermore, his family was always pushing them to have a baby, although sexual life is harmonious, always cannot be pregnant, so he and his wife have big pressure. The erection of the first failure occurred in half a year ago, when he and his wife are facing a long-awaited ovulation period, after his wife managed to eat by clomiphene contribute to the success of ovulation. The doctor told them to be relax as much as possible and actively arrange these days of sexual life. Before the sexual life, Mr. Ma also deliberately drank a little Wine to help raise sexual desire, but he failed to erect, and still only partly erect in the second days after make much effort, unable to complete the sexual activity. Since then, erectile condition is getting worse and worse, no matter how his wife sexy in the foreplay, Mr. Ma also cannot erect, his wife began to complain, life is shrouded in shadow.

This is typical ED caused by the psychological tension, because he wants the baby too much, psychological bear too much pressure, especially the important task from the doctor and his wife in the ovulation period, the strong psychological tension will cause erectile failure.

ED mainly refers to the psychological stress lead to impotence is not physical disease, caused by mental and psychological stress, the patient will usually have erection phenomenon when wake up at night and in the morning. When during the normal sexual life, the penis is not erect, or will be soft quick after erect. Furthermore, the patients often appear inferiority, anxiety, or nervousness. Patients with erectile failure or occasionally a little difference, this is a normal phenomenon, but the patient is very nervous, aggravate the condition. Such as the work is too nervous, too tired, does not satisfied the environmental changes or living environment, living conditions are poor, fear of psychological pressure, fear of pregnancy, fear of his wife is not up to the climax and complain, afraid of sexually transmitted diseases etc..

There are latent organic problems, such as the penis size problem, longer wrapping, the bad physical quality, these problems are mortal can be ignored, he suffered in the spirit of the fight against the case, can aggravate the original organic disease, make him more that they have a problem, not anymore this will lead to long-term unable to get up after a fall.

In order to fix this psychological caused problem, the patients should alleviate psychological tension from recovery of self-confidence. Create a warm sweet atmosphere before sex, such as the wife of wearing sexy lingerie, soothing music, take a bath together. At the same time, impotence patients usually can actively participate in some sports, on the one hand, can improve the strength, enhance self-confidence, on the other hand, through enhanced physique, can increase libido and erectile function, especially those brainworkers, the effect will be more obvious. When necessary, can also be adjusted to eat some auxiliary drug. You can find some useful information with my previous contents.

You should note that some of the lads occasionally completed one-time bad sexual life, feel nervous is that ED, and the shadow does not go, which has influenced him for long time, then every time you have sex with fear, it will happen over the long term induced by ED.

In normal male, sometimes in life and work, mood, physical condition is poor, occasionally one or two times the failure of sex, erection is not good, hardness is not good, the time is not enough, this is a normal phenomenon. Especially some unmarried men, because of the lack of experience, resulting in occasional failures, as long as the forgotten, can have a normal sex life.

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