Small health secret is hidden behind the kelp

Kelp is tinged with a little fishy, so some people put kelp as one of unacceptable food. Just because of the smell and taste of kelp to deny, there are some healthy secrets behind this food which should attract your attention, which is not only healthy food, but also conducive to hair care.

1, Women should eat more kelp

Kelp is the good friend of female, and often eating can have moisturizing conditioner anti breast disease effects. Kelp is a large marine brown algae plant which growth in the low temperature seawater, belonging to the seaweed plant, which can be applied to mix, burn, and stewing, braising and cooking methods. The kelp is a high nutritional value vegetable, so it is loved by many people.

Small health secret is hidden behind the kelp

Modern research thinks that the kelp juice can be beauty, and the kelp juice for bath can moisten the skin, make the skin fresh and smooth, clean and beautiful. At the same time, the kelp is rich in iodine, which is the main raw material in the synthesis of thyroid hormone. Furthermore, the people hair quality has direct relationship to thyroid hormones, therefore, eat kelp can embellish good hair, making women more beautiful.

At the same time, a large number of iodine in kelp can stimulate the pituitary, enable women to reduce the level of estrogen, the normal function of the resumption of ovarian endocrine disorders, eliminate hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia. Meanwhile, the kelp is rich in selenium, which can effectively remove free radicals, which is arch-criminal human aging, so the kelp can delay senility. Therefore, with all the information above, kelp is worth to eat good food for women.

Small health secret is hidden behind the kelp

2, Inland residents should eat mire kelp

Kelp contains large amounts of iodine, so it is named as the “alkalescence food crown “. From the coastal to the inland, the iodine intake will gradually reduce, and iodine are indispensable important physiological functions in the human body. If the lack of iodine intake, it can lead to large neck disease. Iodine can promote thyroid function promotion, which plays an important role in the heat consumption and body metabolism, and then achieve the purpose of weight loss and weight control. Because of the coastal people often eat seafood, then eat iodized salt or seafood rich in iodine probably iodine intake exceed the standard, while the inland people eat less seafood, so leading to iodine intake is not enough, and the kelp is an easily dried and transporting food, therefore the Inland Residents can eat some kelp, laver other seafood, to complement iodine is very helpful.

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