Six secrets of female contraception what you should know

A lot of people don’t have much knowledge on contraception, so it is precisely because of the lack of understanding, it will lead to some troubles. Maybe you have already noticed that there are many unplanned pregnant, and the root cause is the incorrect or improper contraception. In fact, there is no 100% contraceptive success rate in the actual operation process, but the following SIX factors will have big effect on your life

Six secrets of female contraception what you should know

Secret 1: body weight play an important role

Some people think that weight is equal or greater than 58 kg people will get 60% failure rate when take oral contraceptive pills, especially with low female hormone indexes. And the contraceptive pills have fat soluble effect, if too much fat in the body, the pill cannot get into blood. So, for overweight people it is better to ask doctor for some other more useful contraceptive methods.

Secret 2: condoms hidden trouble

A lot of condoms have spermicidal effect, which have no effect to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, but can increase the risk of infection of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. So, it is necessary to use the condoms at the beginning of the sex life. And pull out slowly by pressing the root part to prevent the semen flow out.

Six secrets of female contraception what you should know

Secret 3: strict medication time

Some people say that the oral contraceptives is through the sex hormones inhibit ovulation, if done correctly, it is a very good contraception method, which is very simple and reliable. But you must be strictly in accordance with the pills taken time, which is very important.

Secret 4: more hormonal selection

Nowadays the most popular products in the market are contraceptive plaster which has the similar effect with contraceptive ring and oral pills, and even more secure. Because it does not need to remember to take medicine every day. The adhesive plaster each month posted three weeks in the buttocks, abdomen, body or upper arm place, it can through the skin surface to release inhibiting ovulation hormone, which the success probability of contraception can reach 99%.

Six secrets of female contraception what you should know

Secret 5: the pregnant rate is higher during the contraceptive period

When the doctors tell you the effect of contraceptive measures are extremely good, it is based on the appropriate usage, and each step are true and correct. From a scientific point of view, the effective rate of contraception was 99%, the condom can reach 97%. However, in the practical application, their ratio is only 94% and 86%. So if you want to achieve the best contraceptive effect, you must pay attention to the related usage methods.

Secret 6: common contraceptive products can be equate to brand

The common contraceptive products are much cheaper than the brand contraceptive products, so do they have the same effect? Currently, the expert cannot give a positive answer. Of course, no one is against to use common contraceptive products, but it is more about your body healthy problem.

Six secrets of female contraception what you should know

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