Six main factors will damage man genital health

1. Excessive smoking

Six main factors will damage man genital healthAccording to the survey, the prevalence of prostate disease among smokers was 1~2 times higher than non-smokers. Tobacco contains a variety of compounds up to more than 1200 species, most of which are harmful to human health, smoking more, the greater the risk of prostate cancer.

2. Addicted to spicy food

Spicy food is not the direct cause of prostate disease, but the wine, peppers and other foods have a stimulating effect on the prostate and urethra, which can cause transient perineal discomfort, can also cause vasodilation make prostate and cystic neck hyperaemia, oedema, cause prostate resistance reduction.

3. Sedentary

The location of the prostate determines that men are largely sitting on the prostate, so men who are often sedentary have a heavier prostate burden. Seat makes blood circulation slower, which can cause prostate chronic congestion, accumulation of local metabolites, prostate gland tube obstruction, glandular fluid excretion is not smooth, lead to chronic prostatitis.

4. Get cold

The prostate is rich in adrenal receptor, when it is cold easily lead to sympathetic nerve excitement, leading to adrenal contraction, increased pressure within the urethra, and the effect of dysuria, and will have adverse effects on the prostate.

5. Long term constipation

The people suffering with constipation, there are much accumulation of large amounts of feces in the rectum, which will aggravate the nearby prostate congestion. At the same time, constipation is often forced defecation, abdominal pressure increased, oppression of the prostate can make the urethra thinner, voiding obstruction, adverse health of the prostate.

6. Long time holding urine

Long time holding urine can make the bladder filling swell, resulting in inability to urinate, to cause local pressure increased and poor blood flow, aggravate the symptom of prostate hypertrophy. So long time holding urine will make overactive bladder filling, compression of the prostate.

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