Six kinds of men are easy to suffer prostate cancer

1, Amorist

Some experts believe that, in addition to diet and living habits which will cause prostate cancer, too much visual and mental stimulation can increase the male hormone secretion, which will cause prostate cancer.

The rapid growth of prostate has big relationship with sexy stimulation. According to introduction, the prostate disease is directly related with your living habits and diet relations. Study found that cholesterol in the hyperplasia and inflammation prostate gland is two times than the normal one, and the high cholesterol is a risk factor for prostate cancer. Furthermore, the prostate cancer is associated with hormone, and especially the androgen may play an important role. The male hormone secretion too much will result in loss of hormone balance caused by lesions, and hormone secretion too less has close relationship to diet, and the external stimulation can also make strong male hormone secretion.

Six kinds of men are easy to suffer prostate cancer

The sexual stimulation includes both visual and mental stimulation.  When you see the girls wear less, reading and watching porn novels, movies, most men have physiological and psychological responses, and the hormone will increase. The male hormone level is higher for black population according to the relevant data, so the prostate cancer is also high in black skin.

2, The fat man

A new study has found that, compared with normal weight people, the risk of prostate cancer among obese men will be doubled.

The researchers say that any weight loss efforts are likely to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in developed countries, and the incidence of prostate cancer in men’s rate is rising steadily.

Researchers that 194 prostate cancer patients and 194 treated by non cancerous prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) patients were studied by La Miletrie University Hospital in France. Study found that, although the men suffering from prostate cancer risk is not simple related with overweight risk, but the obesity can still make the prostate cancer risk increased by 2. 5 times.

The report in a recent issue of the British international Journal of Urology pointed out that, generally speaking, compared with BPH, the body mass index (BMI) has no obviously relationship with prostate cancer, but the obesity is a risk factor. BMI is the ratio of weight and height, so the BMI from 25 to 29. 9 is defined as overweight, more than 30 is defined as obesity. In this study, the risk of BMI more than 25 has no relation with prostate cancer, but BMI is more than 30 are critical for the prostate cancer.

Six kinds of men are easy to suffer prostate cancer

3, Sexual indulgence

A UK survey shows that if the men are doing sexual indulgence during their young age, and it will have higher risk to suffer from prostate cancer in the future.

The study points out that, if a person has sexual partners at about 20 years old, and he has a good chance of infection of human papilloma virus (HPV), usually in a few decades, this infection may cause a series of mutations, which can lead to cancer. HPV has been confirmed to have close relationship with cervical cancer in women, and may also lead to prostate cancer in men.

Six kinds of men are easy to suffer prostate cancer

4, The man sitting too high

A study by Dukc University Medical Center found in human anatomy study of 28 patients with prostate cancer, the patient sits on the chair is higher than the same height healthy people. Further studies showed that sex hormone testosterone concentration is higher for the higher sitting people. High concentrations of testosterone may be subtle changes in prostate cells to stimulate cancer cell growth, which leads to the occurrence of prostate cancer in adults.

5, The bald man

The probability of prostate cancer in bald men is two times than the non bald men. The study found that the hair loss may be caused by high testosterone levels in puberty, and the prostate cancer risk may be associated with testosterone levels in men. In addition, hormones have also relationship with bald appearance, which may explain the relationship between bald and prostate cancer.

Six kinds of men are easy to suffer prostate cancer

6, Night working man

According to the researchers, from 1988 to 1997, Japan’s 45 City, town or village nearly 16,000 men were listed as the research objects, and this study aims to explore the relationship between work time and prostate cancer. There are 12756 people working during the day time, 1184 people are always working during the night time, and 1966 people need to change the working time periods.

In the follow-up study, 55 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and 38 people belong to day working time, 6 people belong to the night, and 11 people work in shifts around the clock. In addition, the last analysis by considering family history of prostate cancer and age, region, show that night shift risk of prostate cancer is 3.5 times higher than other two kind people. And there is no big deviation between the long night working men and the long day working men.

The researchers said, according to the study, the irregular shift working time will cause the human body biological clock disorders, which will reduce the melatonin level that can prevent proliferation of prostate cancer cells, so this might explain why work irregular hours of men more susceptible to prostate cancer.

Six kinds of men are easy to suffer prostate cancer

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