Six kinds food make you darker eating in summer

Summer is coming, so many people who worried about get spot hold up the sun umbrella, and smear sunscreen as well, to prepared to encounter a powerful enemy — ultraviolet. In addition to do external work, the internal homework is also very important. In particular, the following 6 categories foods should not eat at summer days, or it may make you blacker.

Six kinds food make you darker eating in summer

1 dark color food

Milk, egg, tofu, fish and other light color food can easy to remove melanin, and can also reduce the burden on internal organs. At the same time, you should also not eat dark foods or drink drinks, such as dark tea, cola, and chocolate Coffee etc..

The dark color foods include the following items, such as purple rice, black beans, red bean, green beans, black sesame, walnut and other staples, black bone chicken, beef and mutton, pork liver, soft shelled turtle, dark meat fish, sea cucumbers and other carnivorous. In addition, there are spinach, purple radish, purple cabbage, mushrooms and black fungus.

Six kinds food make you darker eating in summer

2 fried food

Fried food is not only easy to gain weight, and furthermore it contained oxides may accelerate skin aging, so we should try to eat less. If you can’t resist it, add some vitamin E food to resist aging, such as pumpkin, carrots, peanuts, sesame seeds, rice etc..

3 photosensitive food

Because they are rich in copper, iron, zinc and other metals, and these metals can be directly or indirectly increase the number and activity of the melanin formation, tyrosinase related tyrosine and dopamine quinone substances. Eating this kind of food will make the skin more susceptible to UV rays and easy to get spot.

Photosensitive vegetables black list:

Lemon, papaya, cucumber, and citrus fruits are sensitive. Generally speaking, most of the surface shiny fruit belongs to the photosensitive fruit.

Sweet potatoes, leeks, celery, coriander, white radish, beans and so on. Generally speaking, most containing volatile pungent smell and odor vegetable belongs to the photosensitive vegetables.

Six kinds food make you darker eating in summer

4 rich tyrosinase acid and rare elements food

Research proves that the tyrosinase activity has relationship with copper, iron, zinc and other elements. A diet rich in tyrosine and rare elements of zinc, copper, iron objects, such as animal liver, kidney viscera, shellfish clams, crabs, river snails, oysters, seafood mullet roe, soy beans, lentils, peas, beans, nuts, walnuts, black sesame like peanut and grape stem, they will make your skin color black.

5 alkaline food and acidic food imbalance

The balance is the nature most beautiful and healthy state, so is the food intake. The health human body fluids is weakly alkaline. If the acidic and alkaline food intake is not balanced, the blood will become acidic, so as to bring the human body discomfort and promote the formation of skin pigmentation spots. Eat more fresh fruit, edible fungus and other food, limit the meat, wine, sugar and acidity food intake to keep the body fluids in good condition.

6 additive

Artificial additives in food will cause too much burden to the internal organs, cause melanin precipitation, and the formation of dark spots, freckles and so on. In modern life, a lot of foods are with additive. Chicken, preservatives and artificial coloring and other food additives will increase the splanchnic burden, and is not conducive to the discharge of melanin and leads to the formation of dark spots and freckles.

Six kinds food make you darker eating in summer

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