Six kinds food can keep the men from the bald

Many young people have been on the road after the bald, where did the shiny black hair go to? Recently, according to scientists found that the bald not only affects the appearance, and bald man increased cancer risk. So how to prevent the bald for man?

Hair loss not only affects the appearance of beauty, may still be your body healthy vanes. The men who are suffering bald should be careful. According to U.S. news reports, Fawkes (FOX) found that scientists in the country before the age of 45 bald men are more likely to suffer from “aggressive prostate cancer”. The study was published in the September 15th issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Six kinds food can keep the men from the bald

1, eat low-fat dairy products

Skimmed milk, yogurt and other low-fat dairy products contain a large amount of calcium, which is essential for the growth of hair, in addition to the two kinds of high quality protein, such as whey and casein, go out and bring a box.

2, nuts

Longing for a strong, beautiful and moving hair, we should eat more nuts. The contained selenium is a kind of mineral which is necessary for maintaining the health of the scalp. Walnuts are rich in alpha flax acid, can make hair to maintain a healthy state, also rich in zinc, the hair is good. Peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and other nuts have the same effect. Zinc deficiency easily lead to hair loss, so usually have to pay attention to the intake of adequate zinc from the diet.

3, eat more alkaline substances containing fresh vegetables and fruits

One of the factors that lead to hair loss and yellowing is due to acidic toxins in the blood, the reason is the physical and mental fatigue, long-term excessive eating pure sugar and fat foods, so that the body metabolism in the process of producing acid toxins. Liver, meat, onions and other acidic substances in food easily lead to excessive acid toxins in the blood, so to eat less.

4, vitamin E supplement

Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote cell metabolism, so that hair growth. Can eat fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame seeds, etc..

5, iron supplement

Often hair loss of the human body often with iron deficiency. Iron rich foods are soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes and so on.

6, supplementary iodine

The hair gloss and thyroid function, iodine supplementation can enhance the secretion of thyroid function, is conducive to hair. Can eat kelp, seaweed, oysters and other food.

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