Six big misunderstanding of daily diet

Misunderstanding one: the food is divided into “good” and “bad” types

As people used to divide people into “good” and “bad” man, and food is also called as “good food” or “bad food”. USA well-known nutritionist Elissa Liede think this is too arbitrary, as there is no absolute bad food, only bad eating habits. Experts said: “the most typical example is the fat.” Many people think that eating too much fat will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But this only has some meaning for the people whose fat intake exceeds the standard, but for the remote or impoverished areas, it will be no meaning. Fat also has a “good” aspect, the appropriate supplement can promote the growth and development and provide energy.

Six big misunderstanding of daily diet

Misunderstanding two: eat less staple food is more healthy

In recent years, the staple food consumption is less and less. This problem also exists in other countries. The USA Nutrition Association spokesman Majoli Norankon said, the staple food is food based, low carbohydrate diet is not good for body healthy, which may lead to bad breath, diarrhea, fatigue etc.. The staple food contained carbohydrates are important and essential nutrients for the human body, to constitute the body’s tissues, maintenance of nerve and heart function, enhance endurance, has the important meaning to improve the work efficiency. In general, adult every day should eat 250 to 400 grams of staple food.

Misunderstanding three: rice flour most raise men

Rice flour is more delicate taste, so it is really more liked. But the America nutrition experts Catherine Brooking said, long-term consumption of rice flour is unhealthy, and eat some roughage is better. During the rice processing too small will lose a lot of nutrients, especially dietary fiber, vitamins B and minerals.

Six big misunderstanding of daily diet

Misunderstanding four: fruit sugar content is too high

America famous food writer Bret said, this problem does not need to worry too much. He said that the fruit does contain sugar, about 5% ~ 10%, but also contains a lot of nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid and other water-soluble vitamins, anthocyanin, lutein and other plant compounds, and a lot of dietary fiber and minerals. Overall, eating amount of fruits is good for your health. So it is suggested that the best to eat 200 grams to 400 grams fruit every day.

Misunderstanding five: the most sumptuous dinner

The fast pace of life, many people often just take easy breakfast and lunch, so the dinner will be the most sumptuous during the whole day. In this regard, the United States nutrition experts Ms Joy Bauer said, three meals a day is very important, you cannot distinguish primary and secondary, if you ignore the breakfast and lunch will directly affect the daytime work state, too much emphasis on the dinner will lead to obesity and also the impact of sleep. Some experts suggested that the three meals a day should be distributed rationally, in general, breakfast should be accounted for the total 25% ~ 30% energy of the day, lunch and dinner are accounted for 30% ~ 40% each.

Six big misunderstanding of daily diet

Misunderstanding six: the more expensive the more nutritious

The nutrition is directly proportional to the price, but the nutrition experts do not agree this viewpoint. Experts pointed out that the bird’s nest, shark’s fin, abalone and other high price food, which its nutritional value is not outstanding. With abalone and eggs as an example, there is no big difference between the nutrients, but the price difference is high. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the fresh and seasonal foods.

Six big misunderstanding of daily diet

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