Six benefits of cooked vegetables

When people talk about the benefit deviation between the raw or cooked vegetables, many people will have different viewpoint. For this problem, we cannot lump together, but we need to consider the individual’s physical condition and different vegetables nutrition characteristics. In this article, the author would like to introduce some benefit of eating the cooked vegetables.

Six benefits of cooked vegetables

1, eating cooked vegetables is more health.

Because the organic phosphorus pesticide can be damaged by heating, as well as removing a portion of oxalic acid and nitrite, and also kill bacteria and parasite eggs, greatly improve the safety. Such as Escherichia coli can also impossible to survive in the boiling water or hot oil. Furthermore, some anti nutritional factors and destruction of vitamin oxidase, can also be kill in the heating process. So from the basic viewpoint, the safety is the first place.

2, cooking can improve the utilization rate of vitamin K and carotenoid pigment of green vegetables and orange vegetables.

Because of these two compounds belong to the fat soluble vitamins, so the fat can promote the use of its absorption. In addition, heating and cooking can soften the cell wall, so to promote carotene, lycopene and other carotenoids dissolution, improve the utilization rate of absorption.

Six benefits of cooked vegetables

3, cooking can improve the utilization of calcium and magnesium elements usage rate in vegetables.

The green leafy vegetables is also a good source of calcium, magnesium, but most leafy green vegetables contains oxalic acid, which is not conducive to the absorption of calcium and magnesium. In the cooking process, it can remove most of the oxalic acid, so as to promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium and other minerals.

4, cooking can greatly increase the number of edible vegetables.

Although raw eating will be no nutrients loss, but the total number of edible is hard to improve. According to the Nutrition Society recommendation, 300-500 grams of vegetables should intake daily, and half dark green vegetables will be better.

Six benefits of cooked vegetables

5, cooking can soften the fiber, reducing the volume.

It is really good for the weak stomach, indigestion, abdominal distension and diarrhea people. Because the raw vegetable contains large un-softened fiber, which will have certain stimulative effect to the stomach. So, constipation is suitable for eating raw vegetables.

6, cooking can also damage some poisonous and harmful elements in the vegetables.

Such as beans, peas vegetables will be poison when eat raw. The toxic and harmful substances such as hemagglutinin and saponin can be full destructed by heating. Although the heating cooking will destroy part of vegetables nutritious, overall most vegetables are suitable for cooking.

In a word, the variety of vegetables which can be raw eaten is limited, furthermore, the advantages of cooked vegetables is much more than the raw vegetables.

Six benefits of cooked vegetables

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