Shock! Impotent can cause by very special factor

005 (4)When you can’t get a promotion, the impotent happen. The life suddenly occurred extremely difficult, then the impotence happen. To be a new father who is full of chores and worry can cause impotence. Major incidents of social life such as earthquake, typhoon, unrest or war also can cause impotence. These things seem to be irrelevant to penile erection, but it has close relationship with the occurrence of impotence.

In the whole structure of the human body, sexual function is not life supported system. So, when a person is under intense pressure of mental and physical, sexual function will give way to other. Among them, two kind people should pay special attention.

1, Young people

The young men sometime happen one time metal impotence, which is caused by special psychological or physiological factors. What happened this time caused a vicious spiral of anxiety and fear.

Young people often be lack of experience, if the lack of scientific sexual knowledge can easily cause mental burden or symptoms of mental illness. Most men can be downplayed or ignored the occasional one or two erectile dysfunction, these people do not develop impotence. Some other people, small changes on the individual body was more sensitive, more care, this characteristics of youth will have doubts about their ability, are often high-risk individuals’ mental impotence.

2, Middle-aged person

In the past, the middle-aged and elderly age is inconsistent. In order to strengthen the scientific nature, the book according to internationally recognized standards that the age of 40 to 60 is middle age people, and more than 60 year old is elderly division.

In our country, a man at the age of 40, almost all marry and settle down. Most of the middle-aged man with sexual experience and adaptability. So it is low rate mental impotence for the middle aged men. The spirit of middle-aged and young people than impotence is slowly, imperceptibly, of unknown cause. But some factors influencing young people of middle-aged people also play a role, such as alcoholism etc..

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