Shaving pubic hair allows you to easily increase two cm

There is a very interesting issue that it is necessary to shave the pubic hair or not. The common understanding is that the pubic hair is some kind protection for your important part place, so it should not be shaved. But you may not know that after your shave your pubic hair, your penis can be increased with 2 cm length. Is it real?

Shaving pubic hair allows you to easily increase two cmIn fact, from the aesthetic point of view, it has been the old story that sexy body definition with much body hair. On the contrary, many women think smooth and clean male body is more attractive. Furthermore, the pubic hair area is the perfect place for bacteria, germs and odors to grow. Regular trimming or shaving of pubic hair is the best way to keep your body healthy, clean and free of odors. And, do you want to increase the size of your penis? You don’t even need pills or special creams, only remove your thick pubic hair can make your penis look longer after erection, because some of your penis is hiding in your pubic hair. When you shave off your pubic hair, your penis will look bigger when he is erect, which will greatly increase your confidence and your partner will notice that it will increase the feeling of excitement. Although this sounds like self-deception, it is true.

Surveys show that women are more willing to provide oral sex for the men who shaved or trimmed pubic hair. After all, the body that looks and smells clean is more attractive. So, shaved pubic hair is a win-win solution. So, how to shave the pubic hair? No matter shaving by your won or together with your partner to complete the shaving work, it need to slowly to avoid scratching the sensitive skin.

Before you start shaving, trim your pubic hair with a pair of scissors. Then take a bath or wash with warm water around the penis area to soften the remaining pubic hair, which can be more convenient to scrape off. Of course, use a warm wet towel to cover the pubic hair for a few minutes can also get the soften effect. Then apply some shaving cream or lotion.

Shaving pubic hair allows you to easily increase two cmBefore your official start, it is better to find a comfortable position. You can lie on a towel and let your partner help you. If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your weapon. Your razor must be new and sharp. If the skin is very sensitive, it can be shaved along the direction of the hair in order to reduce the incidence of hair and damage the hair follicles.

Finally, the number of hair shaved off is up to you, or what kind of shape is all depends on your needs. Finally, in short, as long as we know that after shave off, clean and sanitary are the benefits, and also a greater size as well!

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