Sexual problems of men and women from wrong sleep

Sleep is not only closely related with the health, but also affects our sexy life. USA Sleep Medicine Research Association survey found that the people with wrong sleep habits will get lower sexual satisfaction. The following are some sleep habits problems which can affect sexual quality, and we invite experts to give the analysis and some useful solutions.

Sexual problems of men and women from wrong sleep

1, The too soft bed will reduce the sex power

When sleeping on too soft bed, it will cause the middle part of the body subsidence, and trunk constitute to be arc shape, so that the spine surrounding ligament and intervertebral will be overload to increase the lumbar physiological curvature, so if go down for a long time, it can cause low back pain. At the same time, a soft bed cannot get sufficient muscle relaxation, so it can affect sexual muscle strength. Professor pointed out that the back muscle strength plays an important role in sexual intercourse.

Tips: the mattress soft and hard should be moderate, generally by lying in bed can make each part of the body feel appropriate, and waist can get good support. In addition, there is no noise, big size bed, clean and other factors can also help to improve the quality of sex life.

Sexual problems of men and women from wrong sleep

2, High pillow will influence erects degree

Japan sleep researchers according to a survey of nearly 100 different age of married people found that the pillow height can affect sexual function. First of all, the long-term high pillow easily lead to poor blood circulation to the brain, pituitary hormone secretion function decline, so this may further affect sexual desire. Secondly, the pillow is too high can easy to make the heart oppressed, affecting blood circulation, and long-term blood supply deficiency may cause erectile dysfunction. Again, the pillow too high will affect the cervical health, when seriously can affect nerve conduction of sexual arousal, and reduced sexual sensitivity, easy cause frigidity. Finally, I can easily make the tracheal obstruction, aggravate snoring, resulting in vivo hypoxia, affecting both the quality of sleep, but also cause adverse effects on sexual function.

Tips: according to your height, body shape to select appropriate pillow.

Sexual problems of men and women from wrong sleep

3, Sleeping on stomach will genital injuries

In all sleeping posture, sleeping on stomach is considered to be the most adverse health. The male sleeping on their stomach will be oppressive scrotum, stimulate the penis, which can easy cause frequent seminal emission, and also increase the scrotal temperature, which will be negative on sperm growth. Women sleeping on their stomach are likely to lead to breast deformity. Resting on the office desk will oppress carotid artery, causing sympathetic nerve dysfunction, brain ischemia and hypoxia, headache, dizziness and other symptoms, and then affect sexual desire.

Tips: American sex expert Catherine Moses thought that sleep posture with nature comfortable is most appropriate. After the sexual life, the husband can hang his wife from the back, so that both sides of the body full contact.

Sexual problems of men and women from wrong sleep

4, Sleeping too late should beware of premature sex senescence

With the diversification of life, the “night owl” is more and more currently. According to a survey, more than 80% adult will work late at night, so nearly 70% adult have health problems. Stay up all night has a lot harm to health, such as easily lead to resistance decline, memory loss, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal problems etc. The United States University of Chicago sociology professor lawman pointed out from sexy relations viewpoint, stay up late lead so many young people to become “premature sex senescence “. Twenty or thirty years old people sexual ability are just similar as the fifty or sixty year old men.

Tips: to regular your sleep time, as far as possible go to bed before 11 PM, and it is better not to watch TV or using mobile phone before going to bed. Some experts suggest the naked sex which can make the body more relaxed, and also will enhance the body’s immune ability, also can maximize the elimination of fatigue. Maintain the exuberant ability for sleep, the best state is to keep 7~8 hours of sleep time every day, but at least need to ensure total 6 hours sleep time.

Sexual problems of men and women from wrong sleep

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