Sexual life will do harm to your body at the following eight situation

When the passion is coming, the men and women often could not help to hold the spark of desire. But you should pay attention to health of couple’s sexual life at the same time. The following eight situations should not make sexual life, otherwise it is harmful to the body health.

Sexual life will do harm to your body at the following eight situation

One, after drunk

After drinking alcohol, especially large quantities of liquor drinking will lead man penis to erect not firm or premature ejaculation, but also pregnancy after drink would endanger the fetus. According to the survey, sexual life after drink is one of the most important causes of sudden cardiac death.

Two, when you are in fatigue

Sexual life should consume certain strength and energy, so it is hard to reach the sex life climax excessive when your spirit or body is tired. Especially sexual life immediately after overworked can damage health.

Three, when you are in unhappy mood

Some couples make the sexual life when one part is not happy. Under this kind situation, it not only can get the harmony of sexual life, it still can make the mood of resentment. If happen repeatedly, it will lead to the woman or man impotence and frigidity.

Four, when you are too full or hungry

Because of gastrointestinal satiation makes filling and congestion, the brain and other organs blood supplement will be relative shortage, so it is not recommended to have sexual life after meal. And hungry people’s physical will decline and abundant energy, it is not easy to achieve satisfactory results in sexual life right now.

Sexual life will do harm to your body at the following eight situation

Five, at the dawn

Doing sexual life at the dawn time, both sides do not get sufficient rest, which will make the body losing balance and to reduce the resistance. Finally the two sides will also affect the efficiency of working and learning because of excessive fatigue.

Six, when you are in disease

When you are sick, your body resistance will reduce, and sensitive degree is also reduced, so it will influence the sexual life quality. In particular, when you are suffering from infectious diseases, it is not allowed to make sexual life, otherwise not only hurt yourself, but still can pass some disease to your lover.

Seven, during the menstrual period

At this period, the cervix mouth is open, so it is more vulnerable get disease during sexual intercourse, and then cause inflammation of uterus or accessories. The study also found that sexual intercourse during menstruation will lead the menstrual secretions of women to get into the male urethra, which can make the man occurred urethral stimulation. Therefore, the menstrual period should avoid sexual life, which can effectively reduce the chances of reproductive organs infection.

Eight, after postpartum

If do sexual life after short time of postpartum, it is very easy to cause the subinvolution of uterus and uterine bleeding. According to a survey, nearly 40% of women make sexual life after sort time of postpartum, which make them have much bad experience in the future time. Generally speaking, it is recommended start sexual life 6 to 8 weeks after postpartum.

Sexual life will do harm to your body at the following eight situation

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