Sexual life will delay woman menstruation period?

Menstruation delay and irregular menstruation is a common gynecological diseases, so many female friends have this problem. The sexual life can delay menstruation? The answer is yes, because sexual life influence normal endocrine, then they will delay menstruation, but don’t worry too much, so you should pay attention to take rest and drink plenty of water. You still have to pay more attention to the main cause of delayed menstruation, in order to investigate an antidote against the disease.

Female menstrual cycle is generally 28 to 30 days. Early or delayed 7 days is still a normal range, and the length of the cycle varies from person to person. But if you out of the 7 days limitation. You should consider two reasons, that the first is the pregnancy, followed by irregular menstruation.

Sexual life will delay woman menstruation period?

When the woman who have normally sexual life appear menstruation to be delayed, the first need to consider whether pregnant or not. After the exclusion of pregnancy, then consider the irregular menstruation. Female friends, if often have menstruation delayed, they should go to the hospital to do some necessary check.

If the woman who always has normal menstrual cycle, and never postpone. At the same time, some of the pregnancy reaction performance, you need to use early pregnant test paper test urine at the fifth day after menstruation. If the result is positive with gynecological pelvic examination; if the cervix is purple and blue change, uterine body full or increase, and may have breast pain, nausea and other accompanying symptoms, it can mostly be diagnosis of pregnancy.

Sexual life will delay woman menstruation period?

Of course, B ultrasound can be quickly determined the pregnant status. Long term use of birth control pills will lead endocrine disorders, which can also cause a delay in menstruation.

For menstrual delay has a lot of reasons, the above is the author’s answer. Facing the menstruation delay, the first to maintain a good state of mind, active coping to avoid complications.

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