Sexual life is not harmonious will be harmful to the body?

Although there is a lot of progress in people’s mind, but to mention the sex life is not everyone can speak up. In fact, the appropriate sex life is the spice of our life, because it appears not only increase the fun, but also mediate the feelings between husband and wife. But not all couples have a harmonious sexual life, then the disharmony of the sexual life will bring what harm to the body?

1, the emergence of sexual dysfunction

Sexual disharmony will not only affect the sexual life of both men and women, but also affect the pleasure of the relationship between husband and wife. And serious when one spouse or both parties can lead to sexual dysfunction, and even the emergence of a crisis of marriage. Long-term harmonious sexual life will also bring harm to the male so that they suffer from impotence, premature ejaculation and chronic prostate disease, will bring them psychological injury, hurt their self-esteem, self-confidence and for lovers of the trust.

Sexual life is not harmonious will be harmful to the body?

2, induced hyperplasia of mammary gland and breast cancer

If sexual life is harmonious such as orgasm is not well stirred, so breast congestion will fade slowly, can appear the breast bilges painful and chest discomfort. In fact, this is breast caused by congestion, is one of the reasons often congestion mammary gland hyperplasia is bound to bring breast structural disorder.

If long-term lack of sexual life, so the organ of the breast not excitatory stimuli for long-term, the structure and function of the breast cannot get good exercise, the same can be breast physiological hyperplasia and redintegration cannot be carried out smoothly, thereby increasing the incidence of disease of mammary gland hyperplasia.

Sexual life is not harmonious will be harmful to the body?

In addition to breast hyperplasia, disharmonious sexual life also is prone to breast pain, breast cancer. Data show that in patients with breast cancer, the age of unmarried, sexual dysfunction, widowed female ratio is significantly higher than that in other groups. This suggested that the risk of breast cancer was significantly increased in women with no normal sexual life and cold.

If you are now in the cold war with your partner or sexual life is not a state of harmony, it is better to reconcile as soon as possible, and communicate with each other. Because husband and wife have long life is not only conducive to our health, but also in virtually become rout a family harmony and happiness of the invisible killer.

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