Sexual life disharmony misunderstood as impotence

women_0051_ebay_listingThe first sexual intercourse between husband and wife, if there are several failures, it will be misunderstood as the impotence. In fact, this violates the spouse sexual life must be run in period of 2 or 3 months principles, which is the mostly self-judge misunderstanding of impotent that sexual disharmony is impotent.

Some couples with excitement or fatigue, and lack of coordination between each other, caused a poor erectile function. Some people will considered this situation as sexual impotence. The sex activity is in the adjustment stage after the new married couples, the coupe should try their best under the tension, fear and other complex mood, slowly find the confidence, but this does not mean impotence. Due to lack of experience, some of the male sexual life is not harmonious, and his wife cannot also get sexual pleasure, that is caused by their own impotence problem.

In fact, as long as he can good penis erection, as long as he can go through sexual intercourse and ejaculation movement reached orgasm, that is not impotent, even if there is no sexual pleasure there.

The sexual life between husband and wife is very important to maintain the relationship. If the lack of communication between husband and wife; fear on the women; lack of trust or even with hostility to the partner; partner physical attraction reduced, all these can cause by the psychological Impotence.

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