Sex life in below FIVE periods should be careful to affect women’s health

Some people say that a good and harmonious sexual life is 50% success of marriage. In order to achieve a happy marriage, it is necessary to focus on women’s health through sex. Women’s special physiological structure, resulting in women are prone to surfer from genital disease. So the husband should take care of his wife at during the special time.

1, First sexual behavior, never be ruder

During the wedding night, after all relatives and friends dispersed, the groom in the state of extreme excitement, so he often easy to ignore his wife feeling. Because of the urgency groom, too excited, coupled with the lack of sexual knowledge, eager to act and the action is rude, often because the bride vulva or vaginal injury, can also cause serious bleeding. If the bride get much side effect in the wedding night by the stimulus (or even hurt), will give the future couple relationship cast a shadow, affect the harmony of sexual life, and may even lead to frigidity. It is highly recommended that both sides should read some books about sex education before marriage, understand and master the basic knowledge of sex, although most of you believe you are already the expert of sex. In the first sexual intercourse, the husband should be particularly gentle, with a long time to caress, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of his wife. In addition, due to rupture of the hymen when the first sexual intercourse, it will cause bleeding, pain, so the sexual life should be suspended for 2~3 days.

Sex life in below FIVE periods should be careful to affect women's health

2, The menstrual period, avoid sexual life

During menstruation, there is a wound in the endometrium, and the cervical expansion. Taking sexual intercourse at this time, it is easy to bring the bacteria into the vagina or uterus, causing endometritis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, serious can cause infertility. Menstrual pelvic congestion, sexual intercourse can increase the amount of menstruation, resulting in excessive bleeding, prolonged menstruation. Therefore, it is highly suggested that it should not proceed sex during this time period, and take are about your wife health.

3, During pregnancy, the burden is heavy for women, so it should reduce sex

Pregnant women, due to physiological changes, resistance and sexual function has somehow declined, so the husband should take the initiative to control sexual life. In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the initial formation of the placenta, the connection with the uterine wall is not solid, sexual intercourse can cause abortion by the stimulation of the uterus. In late pregnancy, uterine decline, vaginal shortening, uterine orifice, such as sexual intercourse at this time, not only easy to cause genital tract infection leading to premature rupture of membranes, but also may stimulate uterine contraction, induced premature. Therefore, in the early and late pregnancy, we should avoid sexual intercourse, but also to control sexual life in the middle, even sexual intercourse should also be taken lateral position, shallow insertion, and light force.

4, Repeated abortion can cause deep harm

Many artificial abortion can cause great damage to the cervix, uterus, easily cause cervicitis, endometritis, endometrial damage and even influence on fertility later. The harm of repeated abortion should not be underestimated, therefore, the lovers should avoid premarital sexual behavior, and for who have not wanted to have a child, it should take effective contraceptive measures.

5, Sexual intercourse should controlled when birth control operation

Birth control surgery is one of the contraceptive methods, all kinds of birth control surgery will bring some damage to the reproductive organs, and the recovery must have a process. In the meantime, if the man cannot control sexual desire to have a premature sexual life, will inevitably affect the recovery of wife’s body, and even bring a variety of adverse consequences.

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