Sex hints that different sizes go for different postures

Sex hints that different sizes go for different postures Please keep this in your mind that longer or shorter has their own advantages accordingly for man, and woman tightness take the first place of the impact list.

Most of the time, a good sex is inseparable from love. But high quality sexual activity cannot only with love, appropriate skills involved, you will get absolutely surprised more.

All the man want to have a bigger, harder and longer lasting erections to satisfy their women to reach orgasm together, so they believe that a bigger penis plays the key role in this thing. With some porn video affect, women may also thought that big, thick, straight penises are good. In reality, what is big? How do you call it rough? What is straight? If you do not have much sexual experience, most of them are confused. The only standard to judge the sex quality is the pleasure feeling. Try to get more pleasure from the sex is the most important point.

Situation 1: the penis is too long. Accident?! Do you think the long feature will become a shortcoming, although the people who have such concerns rare. BUT! Too long is really uncomfortable for women, so this situation should often be followed by a backward style during the sexual intercourse.

This position is suitable for most couples, because the long penis will contact the deepest part of the vagina and makes the perineum feel excited. Moreover, due to this posture is the most popular in the wild animals, it always let men conquer pleasure doubled.

Situation two: penis is too thin. The fatal disadvantage is that the too thin penis is easy to slip out of the vagina, and it is not strong enough to strike and rub women when pumping. The following sexual intercourse posture can perfectly figure out this issue that let your partner lying on bed, and the man sit on their knees in front of the partner to go inside.

Because men in the upper position can enhance the sense of oppression just through the weight of the body, so that you can avoid the penis slipped out. By compression, the clitoris and uterus, as well as the vagina of women, are strongly stimulated, while men enjoy the contraction of the vagina. To maintain this position, while the use of rotary movement, classified by the strength of the waist circle, will allow the two genital closely together and to increase the strength of friction.

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