Seven tips for your winter diet supplements

The winter weather is dry, especially the current warm winter, as it is easy to induce throat irritation and other respiratory diseases symptoms, so be sure to drink more water. Although the winter is the good time for health tonic, but also should pay attention to choose a mild medicine and food to avoid the throat inflammation and other symptoms caused by heat and fire. Seven tips below for everyone on winter regimen diet tonic:

Seven tips for your winter diet supplements

One, you can eat some mutton, pork, etc. which belongs to the warm food in the winter.

Two, you can use American ginseng, wolfberry fruit together with tea drink in the winter.

Three, appropriate to eat some ginger

It is better to cut a few slices of ginger by yourself and drink together with brown sugar in hot condition.

Seven tips for your winter diet supplements

Four, In winter, throat dry and dry cough can easily happen, so for people it is recommended to take some pure water instead of tea.

For example, the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine qinglianghou Bao granule by the old Chinese medicine, carefully prepared, safety and no side effects, can be used as a daily protection throat tea to drink, not only can moisten the throat, but also has the good control effect on chronic pharyngitis!

Five, you can eat some peanuts, sesame and other food in the winter.

Six, you can eat jujube, brown sugar, longan, ginger soup and other food in winter.

Seven, it is not recommended to take cold food in winter.

Seven tips for your winter diet supplements

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