Seven things that can lead men erection problem

1118full-tiffani-thiessenThe United States has 30 million patients with ED, age is the most important factor of ED. There are about 4% people with ED when age around 50, and half of men with ED when the age over 75. Here are the 7 factors is the cause of the ED.

1. Drug treatment of male hair loss of hair or medicine for the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy

According to the International Journal of Medicine reported that they not only may inhibit the erectile function, and may inhibit the sexual desire, the reason may be reduced to help keep male sex hormone dihydrotestosterone blood drive in level. Although these drugs can contribute to hair loss and prostate hypertrophy, but its side effects including the effects of erectile function.

2. Gum disease?

Why is the penis and gums in common?

Periodontitis chronic infections and infections of the gums may increase the risk of ED problem, and the animal experiments showed that the association between ED and gum problem, but the relationship between human periodontitis and ED and its mechanism of action is not clear. Gum disease is a manifestation of poor overall health, and it also increased risk of heart disease, and heart disease is another risk factor for ED. Gingivitis means the potential problems of gingival blood supply, so it will also indicates the problems in other parts of the body’s blood supply.

3. The wife is much close to the husband buddy

As we all knows the psychological factors have significant influence on sexual function, according to the American Journal of Sociology of more than 3000 age in the new study of 57 to 85 year old man’s results show that if the wife too close to the husband buddy, then obtain or maintain an erection difficulty increased 92% rate. Of course, this kind of phenomenon in the middle-aged and young people see more, because of their perceived masculinity is very sensitive, but after 70 years old, the old man about male have the concept of passivation, no longer sensitive, so it will not because of this reason and confused.

4. Ride a bike

As early as ninth Century BC, sisea people in Iran found the relationship between horse riding and ED. Investigation on the international medical journal published in 2005 showed that the modern long distance cycling can also increase the risk of ED, at least 3 hours a week to ride the 4% men in people with moderate or severe ED, and age of the runner ED only 1%. Probably because of long time sitting in a cramped seat on the oppression of the nerves and blood vessels to the penis, which produces a certain degree of damage, finally affect the blood supply of the penis.

5. Diabetes

The possibility of ED patients with diabetes increased 2-3 times, may damage the blood vessels and nerves innervates penile glucose levels are not well controlled.

6. Hypertension

Uncontrolled hypertension can damage blood vessels, causing atherosclerosis, thus affecting the blood supply to the quick. But some antihypertensive drugs such as beta blockers and diuretics may also increase the risk of ED. The correct approach is to must insist on taking antihypertensive drugs and lifestyle may also be appropriate to change, such as maintaining a healthy diet, increase physical exercise, which helps lower blood pressure.

7. Depressed

Investigation of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation showed that patients with severe depression 61% will experience problems, it not only affects the sexual desire. A series of biochemical changes caused by the factors of depression may hinder the communication between brain cells, which affect the blood supply of the penis and unable to obtain and maintain an erection. The problems appear to affect mood and with enjoyment, in turn can aggravate depression.

Some antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (5 SSRIs) can cause about half of men and women experience sexual dysfunction, such as men’s ED, hyposexuality, ejaculatio retardata.

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