Seven misunderstandings about men’s erection dysfunction

Seven misunderstandings about men's erection dysfunction Impotence is a kind of erectile dysfunction. Usually, under the condition of sexual stimulation and sexual desire, the penis cannot be erect or erect hardness is not enough, very short erection duration, so that it cannot go for normal sexual life. When people judge impotence, they easily fall into seven misunderstandings.

In fact, the definition of impotence needs to be explained as follows:

  • First, this kind of sexual stimulation must be from the full stimulation of the partner;
  • Second, should determine on really be able to complete sexual intercourse;
  • Third, must be married at least 2 ~ 3 months of running, with the practical experience of sexual life, and then evaluate;
  • Four, any extramarital sexual behavior will be brought about by the deviation of judgment.

If deviate from these principles, it is easy to appear errors of self-judgment of the impotence.

People in the self-judgment impotence, it is easy to trap the following misunderstandings:

1, the first few times failure of sexual intercourse after new marriage as impotence.

This situation is quite common, in fact, it is contrary to the principle that there need 2~3 months try running period for the new marriage. The beginning of the wedding, especially the wedding night, too excited, tired, and even drunk; or because of the lack of cooperation between husband and wife at the wedding stage, resulting in a temporary erectile dysfunction. Originally, this is not surprising. There are also individual couples suffering with poor sex, because of the premarital sex under the trial, tension, fear and other complex mood conditions, which can lead high failure rate, thus leaving their incompetence shadow in the mind. In this case, there should be an adjustment stage in sexual intercourse after marriage.

2, think the man who cannot bring the woman with climax and pleasure as impotence.

This is a bigger mistake, as long as the man’s penis can erect and set up, as long as the man can smoothly go for sexual intercourse, complete ejaculation and achieve orgasm, it is not impotence. The sexual feature of men and women is fast for and slow for women, so it is a physiological phenomenon that the man has been ejaculation, but the women does not reach climax, which can only be judge as not harmonious sex life, should never be considered as impotence.

3, think masturbation will definitely cause impotence.

This is the very common sexual misunderstanding among unmarried young people. In fact, the masturbation is a common practice among teenagers. Indeed, some people worry that masturbation can lead to impotence. After that, some people really suffer from impotence. But modern medicine has clarified that the occurrence of such impotence, in essence, is not due to masturbation damage to sexual organs, but it is long-term masturbation, causing mental and psychological factors. In fact, masturbation is very complicated and often involves anxiety, guilt, depression and restlessness. This unhealthy thinking activity can impact the normal sexual function. However, even if it is a long-term masturbation, as long as the above can relieve the spirit pressure, it may not occur impotence.

4, contact with more porn will lead impotence.

There are many teenagers claimed that they used to read some of the content with the pornographic content, such as film, television, books and pictures, and sometimes they will have sexual fantasy with their favorite girl, then the penis will naturally erection, but now this kind of reaction is not obvious, is not impotent? Wrong! The answer is very simple, because there is no from partner complete sexual stimulation, including vision, hearing, touch, smell and other aspects of sexual stimulation, but also because there is no real sexual intercourse, only depending on the penile erection or not cannot be the diagnosis of impotence.

In fact, the man’s penis physically divided into two kinds: one is the reaction of erection, without any stimulation, spontaneous erections by reflex, such the erection after sleep at night; another is the spirit erection, need some stimulation, including the mind of sexual fantasy. Therefore, all erotic stimulation can induce mental erection. This happens in peacetime mental erection rule is very miscellaneous, will be with a person’s physique, thoughts, emotions and other changes, sometimes better, sometimes worse, this is not a sign of impotence.

5, erection declined after partner changed.

Strictly speaking, this view is not correct. Some men can perform full sexual ability with normal partner, and the erectile function is good; but has always failed sexual intercourse in extramarital affairs. On the contrary, some people suffer poor sex with their wives, perhaps due to lack of freshness, erection is not good, but in an extramarital affair, sexual activity is very good. But in the real sense, this selective impotence is not a real impotence patients.

6, frequent spermatorrhea will cause impotence.

This is another common wrong understanding among teenagers. They believe that frequent spermatorrhea will lose much sexual power, then the normal sexual function will also be reduced. In fact, this concern is completely unnecessary, healthy unmarried men monthly 1-2 spermatorrhea occurrence is normal, 4-5 times is a little more, which may be caused by genitourinary organs induced by inflammation or some life factors.

7, the development of premature ejaculation will inevitably become impotence.

People who hold this view can show specific examples of premature ejaculation, have ejaculation shortly after the first contact with the woman, and later become erection dysfunction. From a medical point of view, such a situation is often caused by psychological factors. Due to the occurrence of premature ejaculation, feel not satisfied with own performance, let the wife feel very guilty. Some wives show discontent and ridicule and complain, which is a great pressure to the husband. Sexual function will really be washed away in this complex state of mind and under the pressure of the spirit. If the occurrence of premature ejaculation stage to be effective treatment, the stronger mind man, or his wife did not mind, they will not happen impotence. Today, modern medicine has not found a certain link between premature ejaculation and impotence.

In short, through detailed understanding of the disease and strict detection as well, in order to get the correct diagnosis of impotence. Any subjective conjecture or conjecture is unscientific.

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