Seven knowledge associated with the penis erection

1, when will happen penis erection?

Seven knowledge associated with the penis erection For young men, although the erection is extremely quite common things in the past, but when they had first sex it is highly possible to encounter with difficult erection because of excessive excitement. Some young people are more anxious, more trouble in the sexy activity. In this case, the woman’s words and actions will play a decisive role.

Notice, if they accidentally hurt a man’s self-esteem with some complain words, and affect their erectile function. However, if the man is always encounter erection problem, then we must think whether he really suffering from erectile dysfunction. For more than 40 year old middle-aged man, speech act of intimacy in couples in a more and more important effect on the erectile function.

2, when do man appear erection, or when will become abnormal erection?

Generally speaking, the first physiology erection is in childhood when 5 ~ 6 years old or even earlier, and this situation has nothing to do with sexual experience. After erection will become more frequent, and the occurrence of maturation will become heterosexual sexual erectile performance. The male has the strongest erectile ability in 20 years old, after erectile ability gradually weakened, and erect disappear time everyone is not the same, some people can keep up to 90 years old, and some people can only insist to 40 years old.

3, what disease can lead to the loss of erection ability?

The first is drinking, because of the high dose of alcohol on men will lethal damage on erectile ability. At the same time, drugs, especially cocaine and amphetamine like drugs, they can enhance the ability in the short term, but after the application several times can destroy people’s ability to get an erection. Reduced erectile abilities and diabetes, endocrine disease, prostatitis and arteriosclerosis, especially reproductive organs such as arteriosclerosis disease.

In addition, without the guidance of a doctor and abuse of male hormones, resulting in high levels of male hormones in the body, also can damage the male erectile function. Obviously, long-term depression, psychological stress, anxiety and other adverse psychological state, can also weaken the erectile ability.

4, frequency of sexual life will affect male erectile ability?

Any deviation from the normal state of behavior, namely whether sexual life is too frequent or too little, will have adverse effects on male erectile ability. As everyone knows, long time no matter what the reason of "abstinence", the sexual life interrupted for more than a few weeks, will lead to weakening of erection. In ancient times, many merchants, sailors out for several days and sexual life, appear impotence occupation opportunities will be greatly increased. On the other hand, some people make more than seven or eight times a week in neutral, will also weaken the erection.

5, There is a link between the fertility and erectile ability?

Frankly, no direct link between fertility and erection. For men, in nearly 30 years of age in hormone concentrations reached the peak, but at this time of ability began to decline, although often erectile problem does not occur. While the male fertility can be maintained for a long time. Of course, if infertility and sexual hormone deficiency, so sex hormone insufficient makes erectile capacity decrease.

6, the physical load effect on erectile function

It should be said that moderate physical activity such as physical labor and physical exercise, can improve sexual ability, including erectile ability, and excessive physical load will weaken the erection. When the load is not only caused by excessive physical fatigue, and excessive muscle growth will also take a lot of sex hormones, and then the sexual capacity decreased. Therefore, in this regard those obsessed with high strength sports people should understand.

7, the ability to have an erection difference on different ethnic groups and regions

The Russian scientist in answering this question, to the Russia, southern people excited faster easier, people in the north but they the erection duration time is shorter than the north, but the south excited too slowly, they insist on erectile time a little longer.

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