SEVEN hints for our daily healthy living

1 some people believe some fruit like bananas, apples can eat as many as you can

Result: you think this eating is healthy, but you may eat more calories than you think.

Nothing really does not contain any calories. We don’t have any objection to the fruit. A nutrient rich banana contains only about 105 calories, but an ounce of baked chips containing about 120 calories. In exchange, it’s a good deal. But in the long run, it is simply more than eating fruit, and the number of calories will increase.

Solution: pay more attention to the choice of healthy food, reduce calories intake, but you should beware that there is no “free” food, you will get energy after eating any food.

SEVEN hints for our daily healthy living

2 in order to be careful of women iron deficiency from the age of 50, so eat more iron rich spinach.

Result: you may get a lot of nutrients, but not too much iron.

Iron is important for energy because it helps to deliver oxygen to every cell in your body, but it requires some skill to get it. It has two types according to the source. Spinach and other iron rich plants are including non heme iron, only about 2% to 20% of the non heme iron can be absorbed. In contrast, the iron in animal foods, especially in meat, is called heme iron, and only 15% to 35% can be absorbed. One kilogram chicken liver contains the most iron about 13 mg, followed by oysters (4.5 mg) and beef (3 mg).

Solution: vitamin C contributes to the absorption of non heme iron in foods. Eat iron fortified breakfast cereal collocation, a cup of Orange Juice, or Shah Larry Fagafaga a few pieces of grapefruit in spinach.

3 stay for the weekend to eat instant oatmeal.

Result: you are ignoring the most convenient way to get rich fiber and whole grains.

In fact, no matter how processing of the oat is, it is still the oat.  Husk grains initially processed into particles, or pressed into a flat sheet, even pre steaming – so you will cook in 90 seconds instead of 15 minutes. Flattening and steaming does not remove whole grain nutrition, so you can get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and oat fiber. Of course, the kind of oat groats like nuts, chewy, good taste; but instant oatmeal in daily life is absolutely convenient.

Solution: embrace a variety of forms of oats. One piece of advice: the pre-packaged delicious oats may add a lot of sugar and salt.

SEVEN hints for our daily healthy living

4 consciously replace the turkey bacon with pork bacon

Results: not always as you would like to reduce the amount of salt and fat intake.

We are not picking on the poor old chicken, but bacon is one of the best examples that tell us why label reading is so important. Pork bacon is smoked super thick, fat mass, but also some tenderloin naturally thin slices; the heat of each piece is about 60 calories and 1.5 grams of saturated fat and sodium 260 mg.

In the nutrition map, you can find turkey bacon everywhere. A Jeanne European Super Skinny turkey bacon is a good nutrition business, containing 20 grams of calories, 0 grams of saturated fat, and 120 mg of sodium salt. But others may contain pork tenderloin with turkey bacon as saturated fat – containing even more sodium.

Solution: if you love to eat pork, choose a lean, flavor cut. If you want fat less, choose lean, low sodium Turkey foods.

5 you spoon on whole flaxseed to get those heart healthy Omega -3 fatty acids.

Results: Omega -3 like tourists that they don’t hang around.

Flax seed is a popular super food in the market. It means that you can use cellulose and omega -3 fatty acids to baked food, oatmeal and cereal. So this is a very good idea. For a vegetarian and vegan, this is a great alternative to fish and fish oils. But the whole grain of hemp seed is usually straight into the straight out, not to be absorbed.

Solution: the grain crushing to release nutrients;

6 go to the gym, in order to reduce the number of calories.

Results: calorie intake is low also means less calories burned – this is not the best equation.

“The snack before the exercise as fuel instead of to fill the belly,” internationally recognized experts, fitness coach Miami. Murphy said, “Only 100 to 200 calories, as long as you can give yourself enough energy to exercise enough. If too much exercise, your stomach will work to digest them.”

30 minutes before exercise to adjust the meal. If you are an early bird, a snack before exercise is necessary, because there is no fuel in the tank. If you exercise around 3 in the afternoon, you’ll need to be less.

What to eat: the best exercise before the dim sum to be able to provide carbohydrates and protein – a banana and a nut or a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter.

7 when cooking, you adding the oil, salt, sugar with experience.

Result: add more calories or sodium than you think.

We show a “guess” experiment: most people over pour common foods and liquids. The difference between a teaspoon of oil and a tablespoon of oil is 80 calories and 9 grams of fat. The difference between half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of salt is 1200 mg, which accounts for half of our daily recommended amount.

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