Seven great health effects of Eggplant

For many family, they have cooked eggplant, and maybe you have eaten a lot during your daily life. But I think most people don’t know the great health effects of eggplant. So this article will bring you some useful information on the good health effects of eggplant.

Seven great health effects of Eggplant

One, anti aging

Eggplant contains rich vitamin E, which can prevent bleeding and anti-aging functions. Often eating eggplant can keep the blood cholesterol levels balance, which has a positive meaning for delaying human aging.

Two, clearing away toxic material

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the nature of eggplant is cold food. So eat eggplant during summer, it contribute to release body heat inside.

Three, the treatment of frostbite

Taking two or three eggplant seedling together with root, and then boil for 20 minutes, wash chilblain nozzle with the blisters, at the same time with the eggplant seedling scrub skin, two to three times can be cured.

Seven great health effects of Eggplant

Four, lowering blood pressure

Eggplants are good to reduce high blood fat, high blood pressure.

Choose dark long eggplants to cut into sections or silk, and then mix with sesame sauce, eat in the dinner time, which can effectively reduce blood pressure and self-healing.

Five, protect the cardiovascular, ascorbic acid

Eggplant is rich in vitamin P, this substance can enhance human intercellular adhesion, enhance the flexibility of capillaries, reduce capillary fragility and permeability, prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding, to maintain the normal function of cardiovascular. In addition, eggplant can prevent scurvy and promote scar healing.

Seven great health effects of Eggplant

Six, prevention and treatment of gastric cancer

Eggplant contains solanine, which can inhibit the proliferation of tumor in the digestive system, has a certain effect for the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer.

Seven, release swelling and pain

The eggplants also have the effect of releasing swelling and pain.

Seven great health effects of Eggplant

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