Seven great health effect of Black Tea

Not get cold during the winter

Professor of Medicine Department Mr. Dao Cun said that using Black Tea gargle can prevent influenza. According to the professor test, he divided 300 students into two groups: one group of people gargle using black teat two times every day; while another group of people do not. 5 months later, the first group people basically are not catching a cold virus. This is because the tea contains catechins, which is highly contained in Black Tea, it is helpful to inhibit free radical, help the body to resist external virus, and also to curb the growth of tumor. The professor said, the research proved that, if the Black Tea concentration reached 5%, it can completely kill the cold germs, and the Black Tea concentration is generally between 2%~5%.

Seven great health effect of Black Tea

Young forever

In the past 5 years, the U.S. government funded 150 multinomial researches related on green tea and black tea and its chemical constituents. And the research results show that the antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the propagation path of chemical substances in cancer cells. Boston doctors said: “the effect of black tea and green tea are roughly equal, but the Black tea antioxidants substance is much more complex than green tea, especially better for the heart.” American magazine believe that the black tea anti-aging effect is stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrot.

Without osteoporosis

In May 13, 2002, the American Medical Association published a investigation on the 497 male people, 540 female people more than 10 years, and points out that the human bones are related stronger usually drinking black tea, polyphenols in black tea (also contained in green tea) which can inhibit destruction of bone substance cell vitality. In order to prevent female common osteoporosis, it is suggested that every day take a small cup of tea, for many years the effect is obvious. If adding some lemon in black tea, the strong bones effect will be stronger.

Seven great health effect of Black Tea

Good blood flow

The American medical community has also recently a study related of black tea. The study found that drinking 4 cups of tea a day for patients with heart disease, the vascular relaxation degree can be increased from 6% to 10%. If the ordinary people in the stimulated, their diastolic increases 13%. A variety of nutrients, such as water soluble vitamins, rich trace elements of potassium, manganese, and also contains a flavonoid compounds. Black tea 70% potassium can be soluble in the tea, which can enhance blood circulation of heart function.

Be full of energy

We found that through medical experiments, the caffeine in black tea by stimulation the cerebral cortex to excited nerve center, to refresh, thinking and stress concentration, and then make the reaction more keen thinking and memory enhancement; it can also be excited on the vascular system and heart, and the role of strengthening the heart beat to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, accelerate the excretion of lactic acid which makes the muscles feel fatigue substances and the other old waste material to eliminate fatigue effect.

Seven great health effect of Black Tea

To reduce the incidence of cancer

It is very popular on the tea has anti-cancer effects, and researchers around the world have also done a lot of exploration, and it is generally agreed that the anticancer effect of tea mainly in green tea, but now there is a new progress. The study found that black tea also has the very strong anticancer effect.

The liver becomes easier

It is experimentally demonstrated that the black tea can absorb heavy metal and alkaloids substance, and precipitation decomposition. So this will be really good news for the modern people under the industrial pollution in drinking water and food.

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