Seven forbidden points when drink soy milk

One, the nature of the soybean milk is cold

The people who have bad indigestion, belch gas and renal function, it is not recommended to drink Soybean Milk. Also acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis were not edible bean products, so as not to stimulate gastric acid hypersecretion aggravate the condition, or cause flatulence.

Two, milk cannot add brown sugar

Because there are a variety of organic acids in the brown sugar, and they will combine with the protein in milk, which is not easy to be absorbed by the body. And add white sugar will not have this phenomenon.

Seven forbidden points when drink soy milk

Three, some people like to use warm bottled Soybean Milk insulation

This method is insufficient, because the temperature and humidity of the environment inside the thermos bottle is conducive to bacterial reproduction. In addition soap in toxins Soybean Milk can also dissolve the scale thermos bottle, after drinking will be harmful to human health.

Four, due to the soybean milk is made of soybean which containing high purine ingredients, and belong to cold food, so there are gout symptoms, fatigue, weakness, mental fatigue and other symptoms of deficiency physique who are not suitable for drinking milk.

Seven forbidden points when drink soy milk

Five, Soybean Milk not only must boil, but also be to open the lid when boil Soybean Milk

This is because the harmful substances in Soybean Milk can only evaporate with the steam when open the lid.

Six, milk must not be taken with erythromycin and other antibiotics

Because the two will be a chemical reaction, the best intervals of drinking milk and take antibiotics at is more than 1 hours.

Seven, drink Soybean Milk should notice supply zinc

Beans contain inhibitors, saponin and lectin, which are bad material for the body. The best way to deal with them is to boiling soy milk, long-term consumption of soy milk do not forget to add trace elements zinc.

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