Seven deadly dangerous of washing machine

1, no renew water anymore

In order to save water, some people in the laundry, they are usually the first washing underwear, and then wash coat, and then wash the socks and other debris using the same water for all the time, and finally the water become so dirty and dark. Although this way can save water, the final wash clothes pollution is very serious. Especially washing the underwear and socks together, it is critical endangers women’s health, cause female genital diseases.

Seven deadly dangerous of washing machine

2, do not clean the washing machine for long time

Some people never wash the washing machine, as long as it can run. In fact, after long time usage, there will be much viruses or bacteria at the wall of the drain as well as crumbs and dirt. So when you wash something, the dirt and bacteria will pollute your clothes.

3, excessive use of detergent

Many people believe that clothes are too dirty, or detergent is cheap, they often excessive use detergent, but the rinse time is not enough, so there will always be remaining detergent. Most detergents are alkyl benzene compounds, which have a certain skin irritation, but will also affect liver function.

Seven deadly dangerous of washing machine

4, all the clothes to wash together

Some people think washing all kinds of clothes together will be a convenient method, but this is a wrong way. Putting all clothes into the washing machine wash together, mixing process, the friction in the washing machine, then the bacteria, color, shedding fiber clothing, mutual pollution inevitably.

5, the risk of electric shock

Please do not pull wire to pull out the power plug, and never pull plug with wet hands.

Seven deadly dangerous of washing machine

6, risk of explosion

Washing clothes with solvents is easy to produce explosive. If there is no special setting for feather clothes washing procedures, it is very easy to cause the explosion.

7, burn hazard

When do high temperature washing, the laundry dryer door glass will be very hot, so it is easy to produce dangerous burn.

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