Science proves that the germination of peanut nutrition doubled

We all ate yellow bean sprouts, green bean sprouts, but do you eat peanut bud? In recent years, on the market have people in the sale of the peanut bud, which is more expensive than the ordinary peanut, but still many people buy. Will the peanuts really be more nutritious after germination? Will it be poisonous? Read through this article, you will find the answer.

Expert explained: the germination of peanut can eat

Usually we say that the moldy peanuts cannot eat, because moldy peanut produce aflatoxin. The toxic thing strong to be carcinogenic. Peanut germination and mildew is different, and will not produce toxic substances.

However, it is reminded that eating peanut germination must observe whether it has mildew or not. Germination and mildew are produced under conditions of high water content in the peanut aquifer, although no cause and effect relationship, but the germination of peanuts infected with aflatoxin there is still a chance. Therefore, it is artificial germination of peanut, there will be no problem.

Science proves that the germination of peanut nutrition doubled

Nutrition analysis: the germination of peanut nutrition is more abundant

Peanut bud shaped like bean sprouts, as white as jade, the nutrition and taste is better than the peanut. Peanut bud on the resveratrol content one hundred times higher than normal peanut, dozens or even hundreds of times than the content of resveratrol in grape wine, it has the inhibition of cancer cell, lowering blood pressure, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and delay senility, etc.. And the germination can also make the peanut protein hydrolysis for amino acids, which is conducive to the human body to absorb; oil is converted to heat, fat content is greatly reduced, afraid of obese people also can rest assured that food; at the same time, rich in vitamins and potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals and the human body needs a variety of amino acids, known as the “longevity fruit bud”.

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