Remember these 5 health tips when supermarket shopping

When doing the supermarket shopping time, the shopping cart was full suddenly, but also including a lot of unhealthy food. Pop healthy living network introduces 5 food golden rule when doing shopping to help you a good shopping handlebar.

Fruits and vegetables are prepared together

If you buy more than 5 kinds of fruit and vegetable with different color that the shopping cart nutrition index is initial compliance. Ohio State University study showed that vegetables and colorful fruit surface contains powerful antioxidant and disease resistance, mainly by the anthocyanins, flavonoids, sulfur and other plant chemicals and vitamins determined in the fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that there are at least three kinds of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and three non-seasonal frozen fruits and vegetables in your shopping cart. For example, spinach, a bunch of bananas and a purple cabbage, again, broccoli and carrots can do color and taste, nutrition is comprehensive.

Remember these 5 health tips when supermarket shopping

“Food aisle ” should be less than 4 kinds

The so-called “food aisle” is the food on the shelves of supermarkets position, often is the most prominent, the most common in the shopping cart, such as biscuits, bread, cookies and cereals. Many of these health food varieties such as whole grains, but most are more or less containing various additives and preservatives, not good to eat too much. How to select such food? One simple way is to carefully read food labels. Take the cookies for example, there are only four elements (usually wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, shortening) which is certainly better than the five or even more than 10 species, because the latter tend to be more several additives and preservatives.

Buy only one kind of sweet food

Supermarket shopping should limit sweets in the smallest scope, provisions only one, so cookies or ice cream, you can only take one. So as to meet the needs for sweets, unapt also indulge in them. The results of the study show that only eat sweets such as chocolate or Apple Pie people get similar satisfaction than eat more sweets people.

Remember these 5 health tips when supermarket shopping

Carbohydrate foods should be selected for 100% whole grains

This is perhaps the most easy item to follow, and the biggest benefits of dietary rules of health, choose 100% whole grains (100% whole grain food, instead of only adding the whole wheat flour, wheat bran is claiming to be whole grain food), such as whole wheat bread and pasta (by 100% whole wheat flour or rice flour), or the refined white rice, brown rice, etc.. A study published in the Journal of public health nutrition shows that changing the staple food into full grains can help reduce weight and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Only take these 3 kinds of drink

Energy drinks can cause insomnia, nervousness and negative behavior, according to a study published in the British Journal of nutrition. “Diabetes” published a study showed that drank a cup containing 12 ounces of sugar (about 340 grams) drinks will make the risk of diabetes increased by 22%. Choose the best beverage area only 3, mineral water, coffee and tea.

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