Regular exercise can improve sex quality

According to the survey, exercise can add endless pleasure to sex, and regular exercise can improve sex quality.

One is to speed up the blood flow rate, which can increase tactile sensitivity.

Two is able to effectively improve the strength of genital muscles, which can enhance sexual pleasure.

Three is to enhance the abdomen, hip muscle elasticity, so that people have more sexual charm.

Four is to enable the body to produce endorphins, which can help improve mood, and enhance sexual excitement.

And it is better to do this exercise together, so that not only helps to improve the sex life, but also help to develop couples common interests, enhance intimacy between husband and wife.

Regular exercise can improve sex quality

1, brisk walking or jogging.

By brisk walking or jogging, 66% of human sex quality can be improved.

Research institutions found that men walk or jog 20-30 minutes a day, which can have a reversal of the ED. People who run more than 3 hours a week, compared with people who do not exercise, the sex ability is younger 2-5 years of ages. Women through this exercise can improve vaginal muscle tension, which can lead easier to get orgasm.

2, swimming.

Some swimmers, even when they are 60 or older, still have sex life more than once a week, like a man of about 30. Swimming can effectively prolong the erection time of men, exercise female pubic coccyx muscle, enhance the contraction of the vagina, and improve the probability of shooting.

3, sit ups.

Husband and wife together with sit ups, can exercise abdominal muscles, so that the abdomen will be more flat and strong, but also help to adjust the breath, so that people feel more pleasure in sexual life. This exercise can be appropriate cooperation before the sexual life, husband and wife better naked do.

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