Red wine or white wine?

“Red wine or white wine is good?” this is normal question that a few beginners often ask, but I do not know how to answer this question. If you only give the simplest answer, I would say, “These two can be very good, also can be very bad”, no one will estimate the answer.

But, after all, the inequality between red wine and white wine is obvious.  Most people put the wine called “red wine”, and “liquor” refers to the domestic high spirits; when we talk about Burgundy and Rhone so red and white are very good at origin, the first reaction are often local red wine; a doubling of the circle of friends, as long as there is sun wine, the vast space is in red.

The red and white range is not limited to the domestic, emerging markets around the world, the red wines are usually more popular, but in China more obvious.

Red wine or white wine?

Many consumers choose wine more attention to self-cultivation of health also played a great role: if we’re serious about the market in the past few years, the concept of wine health propaganda, was the most mentioned antioxidant (tannic acid) and enhanced resistance (resveratrol), almost all of a particular component of red wine, this also let most to health and buy wine consumers focus on red.

The color of the red wine, of course, does not come from artificial colors, but because of fermentation, grape juice and purple red grape skin bubbles together, the color of the grape skin extracted out. In addition to the color, the grape skin on another matter – tannin, but also into the grape juice. On the one hand, give you want “antioxidant”, while increasing the complexity and strength of a taste of wine; but if the wine itself have poor quality, but also bring people don’t want “astringency.” In addition to this due to tannin astringent feeling in the face of umami is especially prominent, so seafood, fish, and put MSG dishes, collocation red wines are often the effect is not good.

In contrast, white wine fermentation, on the one hand, the peel does not contain pigment, fruit juice does not contact the grape skin. So white grapes that there is no color and no tannin. In order to maintain the taste, usually containing higher acidity and more fruit to ensure that the wine tastes better; compared to so, and a high quality red wine, because there is no tannin and fruit is more pleasing to people like, beginners may be more easy to appreciate the high quality white wine. But when poor quality, lack of fruity white Wine is particularly easy to be tasted tart.

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