Reconstruction of penis helps men to restore virility

Reconstruction of penis helps men to restore virility Some children may be bite off their penis in the childhood, such as dogs, rats and other animal biting. Adult men may cause partial or complete loss of the penis due to trauma such as gunshot wounds, cutting injuries, explosion injuries and avulsion injuries. The penis plays an important role in male’s daily life which is the root of the male, but also it is an important link to maintain marriage and family. Therefore, penile defects can cause severe physical and psychological pain, and should be reconstructed to restore normal urination and reproductive function.

The penis consists of three parts, including the penis corpus, the urethra, and the supporting tissue. Penile reconstruction is a complex plastic surgery. There are many ways to rebuild the penis, and the skin tube method is the most popular method, usually in the abdomen or thigh to form a foot long skin tube, requires four operations to transfer.

After the formation of skin tube, the second stage operation was transplanted the larger skin tube to the root of the penis above the urethra, and the small skin tube was transplanted to the below urethra. The third stage operation is do a two longitudinal incision on the two skin tubes respectively, suture of skin between incisions to form urethra. Cartilage transplantation is best performed as a supporting tissue.

On this basis, recent years the method of microsurgical anastomosis of blood vessel was used to reconstruct the penis, and the reconstruction of the penis was performed with the lower limb flap and the umbilical flap in one operation. After the penis is reconstructed, often still need to do glans plastic surgery. Generally, the penis that is reconstructed is thicker than normal. If the operation is successful, it can restore good urination function. Furthermore, it can, complete the function that inserts vagina with the collaboration of the female.

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