Real contents of the anti-fatigue drink

The pace of modern society is faster and faster, and the requirements of the human spirit is also increased a lot. In order to adapt to the rhythm, more and more people began to want to invest in the anti-fatigue functional beverages such as the red bull, and even some fitness thinks that, drinking the beverage can improve their sports performance.

Is the anti-fatigue drink really so magical?

To correctly evaluate the efficacy of a food or drink, you have to start with its ingredients. In the case of Red Bull, except as the solvent water, functional beverages the main ingredient is nothing more than taurine, caffeine, carbohydrate (usually glucose or sugar), vitamin, plus some extended shelf life and to enhance the taste of food additives.

Real contents of the anti-fatigue drink

1 magic taurine?

Under the influence of the manufacturer’s propaganda, most people think that this kind of amino acid is the effective ingredient of the functional beverage. Taurine exists in a large number of human brain, heart and muscle, and may have the role of antioxidant, so it is hoped to improve the performance of athletes and the protection of the heart and nerves.

However, experimental evidence shows that even through oral taurine will taurine concentration in serum increased to 5 times of the normal people, and keep for four hours, human muscle during exercise metabolism nor any improvement.

2 caffeine which like whip

At the same time, more and more evidence shows that the function of the caffeine in the drink is the real refreshing active ingredients.

Contains 250 mL gold canned Red Bull contains about 50 mg caffeine, which has been comparable to 250 mL Instant Coffee. Because caffeine is an old central nervous stimulant, the function of the drink is actually like a whip in the nerve cells, forcing them to get excited to continue to work.

But, like a whip pumping too heavy will be seriously injured, if the excessive consumption of functional beverages, through a large number of functional drinks intake of caffeine will harm the human body. Light, it can cause the heart to ease the heart palpitations, high blood pressure, or nausea, vomiting, mental abnormalities; heavy, even cause cardiac arrest and death.

It is worth mentioning that the central nervous system of children and adolescents has not been fully developed, they are more sensitive to caffeine, they have a dose of caffeine poisoning is also smaller than adults. Although the function of the packaging of beverages on children and adolescents is not suitable for the crowd, but such signs are usually not visible. So in the eyes of children and adolescents, they are bottles of harmless to humans and animals to quench the thirst of the beverage, it is easy to has been a large number of these children to drink, resulting in the event in the occurrence of children to drink functional beverages poisoning or death every year.

3 excess sugar

Carbohydrates provide energy for the nerve cells that are once again excited. Due to the nerve cells are very picky eaters, eating only glucose. Therefore, the body no matter intake of what kind of carbohydrate, can only be transformed for glucose and feed them. So, in order to maximize the reduction of the cost of the body to convert carbohydrates, manufacturers add carbohydrates will choose to add glucose or sugar.

Real contents of the anti-fatigue drink

However, the process of adding sugar, usually more than the amount of real need. If from the point of view of energy intake, with red bull’s 13.3 mL g/100 concentration, drink two cans down, it is equivalent to eat a meal. Therefore, 500 mL per day (2 cans) of functional beverages, then, after a period of time most likely to see the effect is that you are fat.

4 the vitamin to participate in energy metabolism?

Many manufacturers choose to add proven involved in energy metabolism of vitamins, and hope that they can accelerate energy metabolism of human body, but also the formation of a selling point, because people think that as long as the vitamin is a good thing.

But the fact is, under normal circumstances, if the diet is not a lack of vitamin intake, then for healthy young adults, to supplement these vitamins, in fact, no benefit. And, so far, there is no evidence to prove that the addition of vitamins can enhance the role of the refreshing effect of caffeine containing beverages, not to say that the role of improving the performance of the exercise.

5 no biological function food additives

Finally, in order to put such a pot of you and bacteria are very fond of the drink to your hand, manufacturers will add citric acid and sodium citrate as a stabilizer, and adding sodium benzoate anti-corrosion. At the same time, in order to let you happy to drink and manufacturers to join the lemon yellow and carmine color, add flavor to scent with notes, in front of the citric acid and citric acid sodium can also have the drink a refreshing acidity.

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