Raw eating eggplant will not good choice for your body healthy

We eat food, mainly want to absorb the nutrition and health care, but no food is 100% security. At most condition, the food also has two sides, to nourishing the body, and may harm health. If you ignore the diet taboo, it will harm the health.

Now it is autumn, there are many relatively mature vegetables, edible vegetables can better for your physical health, but if you don’t follow some principles, often will hurt the body.

Nutritional value of Eggplant

Here it is said to be able to nourish the body but will cause poisoning vegetables is eggplant, as common vegetables, eggplant mature in autumn.

Raw eating eggplant will not good choice for your body healthy

1, nutritional value

Eggplant is very rich in nutrients, including protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, the vitamin P, are higher than common vegetables, to enhance body cell adhesion, strengthen capillary elasticity to help better.

2, medicinal value

When it comes to the medicinal value of eggplant, have to say edible eggplant can absorb many alkaloids, stachydrine, choline and other substances, for physical health benefits many.

Eat eggplant to be careful

Since the nutritional value of eggplant is so rich, the eggplant is 100 percentage safe? In fact, in the consumption of eggplant, also needs your much attention, there is more need to pay attention to diet taboo.

1, do not eat raw eggplant

In general, when cooking vegetables, will worry about doing too over cooked, which will lost much nutrition, such as the vitamin C, which is very prone to loss of nutritional status.

So many people think that raw eating eggplant, and thought raw eggplant eating can absorb more nutrients. In fact, not all vegetables are suitable for raw eating, some vegetables eaten will bring the disease. And it is the same of the raw eggplant eating, raw eggplant is harmful to health in fact.

When eating raw eggplant, you will absorb the solanine. This material is less in the tender eggplant but there are a lot contained in the old eggplant, excessive consumption will often cause acute poisoning happens when eating raw eggplant, if you feel perceive numb lips and then you must be careful, it is likely that the symptoms of poisoning after eating eggplant. Therefore, in life it is best not to eat raw eggplant.

2, do not always eat eggplant too often too much

Many people will say that the nutritional value of eggplant is very rich, eating eggplant for health care is very effective, it is eating eggplant every day, in fact, this may also bring harm the body.

When we eat food, it is also need to follow the principle of food matching, if the food has been too single and too often, it may cause harm to the body.

So it is the same when eating eggplant, if it has been long time consuming eggplant tends to cause harm to the body, and it will cause the solasonine produce strong stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, affect the anesthesia respiratory center, which will cause poisoning.

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