Quail egg is much better than walnut on striking effect

The people who use brain mostly should eat some quail eggs, including the students and office workers. Because the excessive use of the brain will cause a series of malignant chain reaction, such as produce dizziness, understanding and memory loss, unresponsive, and reduce the efficiency of work and study. In order to improve nutrition to the brain, students and workers should eat a few quail eggs every day which is the natural “Brain supply pill”.

Quail egg brain stunning effect

Nutrition experts pointed out that the quail egg protein, fat content although comparable to normal chicken eggs, but it contains lecithin and cephalin full 3-4 times than chicken eggs, these two substances is the indispensable nutrition which can higher increase the nervous activity.

Quail egg is much better than walnut on striking effect

The reason that quail egg is worth “Brain supply pill”, also because of the high content of vitamin D in the quail eggs, which is incomparable to other poultry eggs. Researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, more than 3000 men in 8 cities in Europe, found that people with high levels of vitamin D, in the brain memory and information processing tests performed better.

Quail egg is much better than walnut on striking effect

Eat quail eggs can also protect eyesight

Quail eggs of riboflavin content is 2.5 times of the chicken eggs which is good for the eyesight protection. Because the nutrients in the quail eggs are smaller, it is easier to absorb and use than the other eggs.

According to research data, hectogram quail egg cholesterol content was 5.15 mg, but the eggs is 585 mg, so that the quail egg cholesterol is lower than chicken eggs. Because a lot of people reject egg due to the cholesterol problem. In fact, egg yolk not only contain more cholesterol, also contains rich lecithin, which can to cholesterol and fat emulsion can through the blood vessel wall and directly for the use of very fine particles, thus the consumption of egg yolk in general does not increase blood cholesterol concentration. In the cooking method, whether it is the quail egg or egg, in order to steam or cook the best way to eat, digestion and absorption rate can reach 100%.

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