Quail egg is a natural bunaowan pill

The rhythm of life of tension, work pressure and other factors lead to a lack of nutrients in the brain. A recent British study showed that quail egg contains more lecithin and cephalin, Bunao brain effect significantly, particularly suitable for mental worker edible.

Quail egg is a natural bunaowan pill

The dove and quail are the wonderful birds for food, furthermore the quail egg can be listed as the number one of all the eggs. First, quail eggs contain lecithin and cephalin is 3 to 4 times higher than normal chicken eggs, which is essential nutrients for higher nervous activity, the brain, Bunao effect significantly. Secondly, the quail eggs are particularly rich in vitamin D. While the British University of Manchester of more than 3000 men in the study found that people with high levels of vitamin D, memory and information processing ability will be higher. In addition, the quail egg nutrition molecules is smaller, so it is more easily absorbed than the egg.

Compared with the egg, quail egg contains lower cholesterol content. The general content of cholesterol per 100 grams of quail egg is about 515 mg, but he normal eggs is about 585 mg. Many people with the brain, you can eat 5~6 a quail egg every day, the best steamed or boiled, the best nutrition absorption.

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