Pumpkin seeds is really good for your kidney

When a few people China together to chat or drink tea, there will always be some nibbling seeds. Sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds. Many friends are willing to go to the market to buy pumpkin seeds to eat, however, when the home to eat pumpkin, but the inside of the pumpkin seeds to readily throw away.

PS: pumpkin seeds in the pumpkin is very clean, after dig out, it is not necessary to wash, just dry it directly on the line. Pumpkin seeds after dried up can be directly eaten, health care efficacy is better than fried ones.

Pumpkin seeds is really good for your kidney

The old people know that the pumpkin seeds are killing insects. In the past, the children are easy to get parasitic diseases such as adults, for the children to eat pumpkin insecticide. Pumpkin seeds is not the same as other drugs, it is very mild, not by stimulating to kill, it will not damage the body, so it is very suitable for children.

The effect of pumpkin seed kernel is relatively strong.

What does the seeds mean? The son is the next generation of plants, representing the new life. So the seeds of all plants, it is generally able to go to the kidney function. The pumpkin seeds are especially prominent in the health care function of the kidney, which is similar to the natural hormone, which can improve the function of the human reproductive system.

For men, often eat raw pumpkin seeds, it can prevent the problem of the prostate. For women, raw pumpkin seeds can help prolactin.

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