Prolonged erection leads to impaired sexual function

Prolonged erection leads to impaired sexual function Nowadays men often talk about the duration of their erections which is longer the better, but they don’t know that prolonged erections can lead to impaired sexual function. So you should keep this in your mind that the longer, is not the better. Experts say men should not take aphrodisiac drugs in order to pursue longer lasting effects. Only the widely used and tested brand and type can within your choice list, such as below male enhancement products within this fascination review summary contents.

The classic case: a man takes impotence drugs lead to genital erection for 7 days

Case 1: Mr. Huang, who is more than 30 year old, took an unknown "special effect" aphrodisiac, sustained his genital erection for 7 days, resulting in prolonged genital congestion and near necrosis.

Case 2: Mr. Li bought a local "special effects" aphrodisiac through one of his friend’s introduction. Mr. Li will take some medicine before each sexual intercourse. It is said that the effect is obvious. Two weeks later, one night after taking the medicine, he got up on the second morning and found himself in an erection. At first he was pleasantly surprised, but in the afternoon the situation was still under erection and the genitals began to pain. As a result of embarrassment, Mr. Li has not been to the hospital for treatment, only in the family with ice cold compress. Until seven days, he really cannot stand for this situation, then to seek medical advice from the hospital.

The doctor said that, finally, Mr. Li accepted a flat angiography machine under the artery embolization, the artery leading to the diseased part of the plug to stop the blood flow to the arteries of the genitals, then his penis finally dropped down.

The normal erection occurs after sexual stimulation caused by sexual impulse, but if the penis has erection and last for more than 4 hours without any sexual urges or sexual desire, which can be defined as a kind of morbid. The clinical incidence of genital priapism rate is about 1/100000. It has lasted for more than 140 hours, like Mr. Li, has rarely been reported word wildly.

Abnormal long time erection can cause ED

Prolonged erection leads to impaired sexual function Genital erections can be divided into three categories: high flow type (non lack of blood type), low flow type (lack of blood type) and mixed type. Among them, 30% of patients with blood deficiency are related to hematologic factors. High flow type generally does not produce pain, while low flow type can produce severe pain.

High flow type of patients with normal genital skin color and elasticity, generally no pain, erection for several days after the cure can still maintain sexual function. The low flow type patients due to severe ischemia, the skin is gray green, sponge as stiff as wood, and there will be severe pain.

Medical generally believe that the normal erection time in more than two minutes to about an hour. Experts warned that if more than normal time of erection, patients should be the first time to the hospital, so as not to miss the best time for treatment. The longer the erection time, the greater the damage to the genital organs.

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