Prevention and treatment of penile trauma

Prevention and treatment of penile trauma The penis location is very subtle, usually also can widely range move, and the corpus cavernosum is very flexible, also wrapped in a tough film, so it is generally not easy to damage. But injuries can also occur when subjected with external forces, such as riding, straddle and other direct forces, and many of them exist simultaneously with urethral injuries. Moreover, the type of performance is complex, the treatment methods are different, and sometimes more difficult, the key is to pay attention to their own safety in daily life to prevent unexpected events.

Penile trauma injury are varies with external force, and the force direction. And the main common symptoms include pain, swelling, hematuria and dysuria.

Contusion of penis

This is mainly caused by blunt external force directly when the penis erects, the formation of purple ecchymosis when lightly, or a subcutaneous sponge or glans, hematoma, pain when hardly. Newly married night, when the penis is too fierce pumping, can make wrapping or wrapping chalaza produce laceration, or appear wrapping, glans abrade or oedema. It only needs to rest when the situation is not so bad, play the scrotum and penis with t-bandage. Acute period when still has ooze blood, you can apply cold compress, use hot compress to promote haematoma absorption after haemorrhage stops. Antibiotics should be given to prevent infection if necessary.

For example, a worker who accidentally fell on the iron on his sacrococcygeal impact, severe pain in the perineum, since the next day two weeks penile erection, the penis aches and accompanied by pain, finally it is confirmed as the penis contusion and hematoma priapism.

Dislocation of penis

The penis is distorted when erect, or violent attack when in soft situation, excessive pull or the cross injury, cause the penis to break away from its skin, dislocation arrives ham root or scrotum perineal ministry. In addition to hemostasis and manual reduction, the penis must be sutured to normal position during the treatment.

Incarceration of penis

Prevention and treatment of penile trauma This problem most caused by curiosity, desire and unusual quirks, putting on some metal ring, plastic belt, even large nut sleeve on the penis and not promptly removed in time, or the penis foreskin over not timely reset, lead to the narrow part of bad peripheral blood circulation, the venous return is limited, so appear bloated, Severe or even blocked arterial blood supply, resulting in tissue necrosis. The key processing method is to remove the strangulation matter as soon as possible, or surgery to remove the incarcerated foreskin.

Penile fracture

When the penis erect, there si a strong external attack, leading to phallic sponge around hard erect albuginea and cavernous muscle rupture. Normally the thickness of tunica albuginea usually 2 mm, but only be 0.25-0.5 mm thick after the erection, so it is easily broken. Once ruptured, the blood is ejected from the corpus cavernosum into the subcutaneous part of the penis and accompanied by a sharp pain. It need immediate surgery for most cases, or swelling quite badly. The first step is to fix penis and raise the penis higher, cold compress hemostasis, suture rupture of albuginea, but it always combined with the penis bend suture in the opposite direction problem.

Penile detachment injury

Wound, sharp injuries, livestock bites can cause penile rupture. If the break time is short and the edge is neat, the replantation can be carried out in time, and the erectile ability and function can also be maintained.

Penis open laceration

It is common in industrial and mining area, and needs to be expanded and sutured in time.

Skin avulsion of penis (avulsion)

Because the skin of the penis is thin, the subcutaneous tissue is loose and can be twisted, so the skin is highly possible to be torn by a machine, while the underlying tissue of the deep fascia of the penis is intact. If the avulsion skin and normal tissue are still connected, and when the color is good, it can be preserved as far as possible in debridement, and the chances of survival after suture are great. If completely ripped off, you can use other parts of the skin grafting.

In conclusion, the treatment principle of penis trauma is to keep the original shape as far as possible, to consider the recovery of sexual function and urination function.

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