Premature ejaculation cannot eat what? Taboo diet

The body will become very weak when suffering with some disease, so it is necessary to adjust the diet, eat some food once the improper will affect the recovery of the disease, together to understand the following premature ejaculation are not allowed for you.

1, shrimp

Warm, sweet and salty, have kidney nourish effect, more eat will aggravate the phase fire potential.

For the people who suffering with spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and priapism, should not eat.

Premature ejaculation cannot eat what? Taboo diet

2, oyster meat

Slightly cold, sweet and salty, and it is not allowed for the people who is surfing with the spermatorrhoea. And premature ejaculation is best not to eat

3, scallion

Heart kidney disharmony, spermatorrhea premature ejaculation avoid eating scallion.

4, persimmon

Persimmon belong to cold food, should avoid premature ejaculation.

5, water root

Not recommended to the impotence surfing people.

Sum up:

Premature ejaculation diet taboo:

1, forbid to eat cold food.

2, forbid to eat spicy food.

After we understand cannot eat what when surfing the disease of premature ejaculation, adjust good mentality in the body and also to improve the diet, so that the body can recover faster, but also to do regular review.

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