Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

1, Please gently toward your face

Many people mistakenly believe that the face skin problem is caused by you do not wash clean, so they began to use frosted Cleansing Cream to thoroughly wash their face. However this method can not only remove blackhead, but will hurt your face skin, leading the skin more vulnerable.

Recommendation: there are a variety of reasons of blackhead, acne formation, and do not blindly think this problem can be solved by much face washing. The first thing you need to do is adjust to balance your skin water and oil.

Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

2, genital parts more carefully

Compared with the face skin, the genital skin is more delicate. It is a good habit to wash the genital part for women, but there is no need too complicated and hard cleaning action, or you will make the delicate genital skin break and then cause infection.

Recommendation: when you take a shower every day, only need some soap and wash with running water. For any vaginal cleaning, it is not recommend using some washing products, in order to keep the vaginal acid-base balance.

Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

3, don’t wash mammilla so hard

Adult women’s nipple will usually have some secretions, even will produce some odor. There are a lot of girls who treat their breast very violent, always hard wash their breasts in order to make them clean. In fact, the nipple and genital skin is very fragile. In addition, there are many glands around the areola area, and too hard washing will hurt the skin.

Recommendation: you should use a hand to light supporting breast and gently rub the nipple and rinse with warm water around the nipple when you are taking a shower. In addition, a small amount of oil like substance can protect the nipple skin, so do not be too nervous.

Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

4, The ear cleaning should be careful

The ear cleaning method is ignored by many people, but also there are some people who would like to clean out their ears every day. In fact, cleaning the outer part of the ear is a very personal hygiene performance, but if you get into the habit of often dig ear habit, it is not a good one. Because the less dirty in the ear will cause the ear canal skin is suffering by dust, insects invasion. And often dig ears will easily damage the very delicate ear skin.

Recommendation: the frequency of cleaning your ears should not too high, and it is recommended to use a cotton swab which can reduce the ear skin hurt.

Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

5, digging nostril is neither beautiful nor healthy

We all know that digging nostril in public is a very ugly thing. Besides beautiful problem, digging nostril will also bring harm to the body. There is a thin layer of the mucosa in the human nose, and there are very abundant capillaries under the mucosa. If often dig nostril, it will make the blood capillary damage and then produce bleeding phenomenon. Furthermore, the nose is near to your head brain, once the infection is easy to lead the bacteria or toxins directly into the brain of the cavernous sinus, causing cavernous sinus thrombosis and meningitis.

Recommendation: If you really feel the nostril uncomfortable by inhalation of dust, you just need to wash nasal cavity before going to sleep at night, and this method can also prevent colds.

Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

6, Navel cleaning should be careful

It is always told that wash the navel dirty should pay more attention or it will easily to cause some diseases. Nowadays the bare midriff clothes are more and more, so girls also began to pay attention to the navel part. But the navel is connected with the viscera, and this part is very delicate, if cleaned with high frequency, it will make the bacteria invade the body, and then cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Recommendation: generally you should not wash the navel every day. If you like bare midriff clothes, you only need to wash the navel when you take a shower, and don’t try to rub it well.

Please pay more attention on cleaning your special parts

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