Please pay high attention on the below 5 condoms

hot-girl-wallpaper-hdMany people will choose the contraceptive condoms when they don’t want to have a baby, and now buy condoms is also very convenient, whether in the medical store or inside the supermarket, there are many different type condoms available to select. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, more and more types of condoms are designed, however some condoms may cause some health problem for men and women.

1, luminous type condom

Some condoms are luminous type, which use phosphorus coating produced light on condom, although it can increase the sex appeal, but the sensitization of phosphorus is high, so they still need to choose carefully.

2, condoms with thick latex particles

Some condoms with surface particles or spiral convex patterns, the enhanced friction can increase vaginal wall stimulation when using, which can make your partner satisfied. But in comparison, some are too thick latex particles will make the condom easy to crack, so the number of qualified products, its size will be limited, for the sake of safety, please do not choose too coarse condoms.

3, scented condoms

There are a lot of strawberry, chocolate and spice type condoms, when used often makes the female vagina inflammation, when we choose to use these products, you should highly pay close attention of female vagina will have abnormal vaginal discharge situation, or it is better to not use such products.

4, drug type condom

This type of condoms are always with Nonoxynol spermicide, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual excitement retardant, assisting agent and other agents, although there are certain effects, but often use will affect the male or female reproductive system, it is best not to try too much.

5, the condom with different color

Although strictly speaking, there is no harm with the colorful condoms, which mainly depends on the quality of condoms. But people in the choice of condoms, often easy to attract by the color, but ignore the key problem of quality, so it is highly recommended to choose the no color condom with safety reliable.

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