Phimosis also has three different variants

Phimosis also has three different variants First, the foreskin is too long: the foreskin completely covered the glans, but can freely turn up and down, called wrapping too long. If you can often wash, keep the foreskin clean, this situation can keep safe. If there is repeated infected problem, you can choose feasible circumcision.

Two, phimosis: foreskin completely cover the glans, but it cannot turn to the penis coronary sulcus. This situation can be divided into three detail branches:

(a) physiological phimosis: the foreskin inside surface have slight adhesion to the glans of the newborn, block wrapping turn over to coronal groove, this kind of phimosis calls physiology phimosis. Within 2~3 years after birth, the epithelial adhesions become absorbed and disappear naturally.

(b) true phimosis: when three years old, penis foreskin still cannot turn to coronal channel. Sometimes the foreskin port is small as the tip of the needle, hindering the penis development, urine accumulation in the foreskin during urination, so that the foreskin inflated like a ball. This kind of phimosis needs to be circumcised before the age of 9, otherwise it will cause the foreskin glans inflammation and the urethral orifice stenosis. The foreskin accumulates for long time can form foreskin dirty stone, long-term stimulation can cause even canceration. Furthermore, the chronic dysuria can affect kidney function.

(c) secondary phimosis: long foreskin patients because of trauma or infection caused by the foreskin scar formation, resulting in a narrow foreskin port, and the foreskin cannot turn up and down. This kind of phimosis is called secondary phimosis which needs circumcision.

Three, block tun phimosis: the foreskin mouth slightly tight, which can turn down the foreskin forcibly to the coronal sulcus. But the foreskin cannot turn up automatically. If not reset the foreskin, it will stuck in the coronary sulcus, make vein circumfluence suffocate and the distal glans and prepuce edema. The patient has severe pain, or even dysuria, and can cause serious necrosis of the foreskin and glans penis. Early manual reduction can be used when the edema is severe. When it cannot be reset, it can be made into a narrow ring and incised at the back so that the foreskin can be replaced. Circumcision should be performed after the wound has healed. Circumcision should be performed at the same time, if possible.

The person that has long foreskin or phimosis problem, easy to cause foreskin or glans inflammation, or foreskin glans phlogistic. And the same time, it is also need to pay attention to exclude penile cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

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