Penis lengthening operation may hurt you

Penis lengthening operation may hurt you Some hospitals are seizing on men’s desire that want to get a large penis, so they make many advisements on the penis lengthening operation. However, after surgery, although the length increases, but there are some poor sequela such as an erection dysfunction.

Mr. Wang’s sexual function was normal, but because of the shorter penis, he accepted a penis lengthening operation in a hospital. However, a severe infection occurred after surgery, which made him regret a lot for the former decision.

Mr. Li believes that his penis is not large enough to satisfy his partner, so he accept a penis thickening surgery in a plastic surgery center, resulting in an erection dysfunction after surgery. Although the court sentenced the center to compensate him for 80 thousand dollars, his personal and mental injuries were irreparable.

Expert claimed that: "adult penis cannot be judged under the condition of non erection, some people’s penis looks short, but long after erection. Under normal conditions, 7 cm length is perfectly normal. In addition, some hospitals even try to persuade children to accept penis related operation to bring more profits, due to the obese children’s penises are buried in fat, so it seems very small, but if the body becomes thin after puberty, it will not affect genital development. Only some real bad cases are required operation treatment, such as phimosi. Experts also warned that surgery may bring a range of problems, such as unsightly appearance, unable to erect, infection and so on.

Experts claimed that the people who want to do penis lengthening operation, there is a strict adaptation, and should pay attention to three aspects:

  1. Must be adult men, who are suffering with penile dysplasia, or most of the penis defects, fully erect after the length is less than 10 cm.
  2. The surgeon must have profound knowledge and a solid urology surgical experience.
  3. The operation requires special surgical equipment and sterile operation room.

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